Masane Amaha

Original Name 天羽 雅音
Romaji Name Amaha Masane
Nicknames Witchblade, Melony, Masa-mune, Yasuka Oohara
Series Witchblade
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Masane Amaha from “Witchblade”: A Closer Look

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Masane Amaha, also known as Witchblade, is a complex and multifaceted character with a distinct personality. She is portrayed as a determined individual who shows unwavering resolve when she sets her mind to something. Despite her strong will and determination, Masane can also display a laid-back and sometimes careless attitude towards her actions. Her most defining characteristic, however, is her unconditional love and devotion for her daughter, Rihoko. Masane is portrayed as a doting mother who is willing to make any sacrifice to provide for her daughter and ensure her well-being.


Masane’s background is shrouded in mystery, as she has no memory of her life before the great quake that nearly destroyed Tokyo. During this cataclysmic event, she was chosen by the Witchblade, an arcane and ancient weapon of unimaginable power. Drafted into the service of the Doji Group, Masane’s mission is to fight the X-Cons, a murderous scourge of unknown origin that plagues the streets of Tokyo. Her past remains largely untold, adding an element of intrigue to her character.


Masane Amaha has a distinctive and striking appearance. She has long, flowing brown hair that falls past her shoulders, framing her face. Her eyes are a vivid shade of blue, adding depth and intensity to her gaze. Masane’s clothing consists primarily of form-fitting black outfits that complement her slender yet athletic physique. She exudes a sense of strength and power that is enhanced by her connection to the Witchblade.


As the bearer of the Witchblade, Masane wields immense power and possesses extraordinary abilities. The Witchblade imbues her with superhuman strength, agility, and durability, allowing her to fight formidable foes. She can manifest a variety of weapons and armor from the Witchblade and adapt her fighting style to the situation at hand. In addition, Masane can tap into the Witchblade’s energy to unleash devastating attacks, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.


Masane’s origin is closely tied to the events surrounding the Great Tokyo Earthquake. During this disaster, she was chosen by the Witchblade to become its newest bearer. The Witchblade is an ancient and mystical weapon that grants its wielder incredible power. Masane’s past and the circumstances that led to her selection as a Witchblade bearer remain a central mystery throughout the series. Her journey as the chosen one of the Witchblade unfolds as she battles the X-Cons and discovers the truth about her own origins.

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Masane Amaha – FAQ

Who is Masane Amaha?

Masane Amaha is the main character of the anime and manga series “Witchblade”. She is a young woman who becomes the wielder of the Witchblade, a powerful and mysterious artifact that grants its bearer extraordinary abilities.

How does Masane get the Witchblade?

Masane acquires the Witchblade when she survives a catastrophic earthquake in Tokyo. The Witchblade attaches itself to her arm during the disaster, granting her incredible powers but also bringing her into conflict with various factions that seek to control or destroy the Witchblade.

What powers does the Witchblade give Masane?

The Witchblade grants Masane immense physical strength, agility, and endurance. It can also generate a variety of weapons and armor. In addition, the Witchblade enhances her regenerative abilities and grants her a form of precognition, allowing her to sense danger and see glimpses of the future.

What is the relationship between Masane and her daughter Rihoko?

Rihoko is Masane’s adopted daughter. After the earthquake, Masane discovers Rihoko, a young girl with no memories, and decides to raise her as her own. Their bond becomes a central theme of the series as Masane strives to protect and provide for Rihoko while battling the forces that seek to exploit the Witchblade.

Who are Masane’s allies?

Throughout the series, Masane forms alliances with various people who help her fight against the forces of evil. Notable allies include Shiori Tsuzuki, Masane’s best friend and fellow earthquake survivor, and Takayama, a detective who becomes a valuable source of information and assistance.

What challenges does Masane face as a wielder of the Witchblade?

As the wielder of the Witchblade, Masane faces many challenges. She must constantly protect herself and Rihoko from those who covet the power of the Witchblade. Masane also struggles to control the immense power at her disposal and wrestles with the moral implications of using it, all while trying to uncover the secrets of her own past.