Hana Miyakoshi

Japanese Name 宮越 華
Romaji Name Miyakoshi Hana
Nicknames N/A
Series Working’!! Announcement Specials
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Hana Miyakoshi from “Working’! Announcement Specials”: A closer look at the character

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Hana Miyakoshi, a character in “Working’! Announcement Specials,” is portrayed as a high school student with a strict and no-nonsense personality. She is usually unperturbed by the strange behavior of her co-workers, except when they fail to perform their duties adequately. Hana has a tendency to punch the manager in the face, and encourages her colleague Higashida to do the same in order to avoid becoming as unhappy as the manager. Despite her rough exterior, she is capable of quickly changing her demeanor to appear friendlier, albeit primarily to customers. Hana is also known for her passion for making chocolates, although they have a reputation for being less than tasty.


While the exact background details of Hana Miyakoshi from the “Working’! Announcement Specials, it can be inferred that she is a high school student who works as a floor manager at the Wagnaria Restaurant. Her role in the series shows her ability to handle the responsibilities of her job and interact with her co-workers, even in the face of their eccentricities.


Hana Miyakoshi is depicted as a character with brown hair. Unfortunately, there is little information about her physical appearance beyond this description. Visual references, such as pictures or illustrations, may provide a more detailed depiction of her appearance.


Hana’s primary skills revolve around her role as Floor Chief at Wagnaria Restaurant. She demonstrates strong leadership skills and the ability to manage the tasks and behaviors of her employees. In addition, her talent for making chocolates underscores her culinary skills, though the taste may leave something to be desired.


Hana Miyakoshi originated from the “Working’! Announcement Specials” series. While no specific details of her origin story are given, it can be assumed that she was created as a character within the context of the series. Her portrayal and development within the narrative contributes to the overall storyline and dynamic of the series.

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Hana Miyakoshi – FAQ

Who is Hana Miyakoshi in “Working’! Announcement Specials”?

Hana Miyakoshi is a character in the anime series “Working’! Announcement Specials”. She is a waitress at the Wagnaria Restaurant and plays a prominent role in the series.

What is Hana Miyakoshi’s personality like?

Hana Miyakoshi is known for her energetic and cheerful personality. She is often seen smiling and is friendly to her co-workers and customers. She is also hardworking and dedicated to her work.

What are Hana Miyakoshi’s main character traits?

Hana Miyakoshi is characterized by her optimism, enthusiasm, and willingness to help others. She is also known for her strong sense of responsibility and her ability to handle stressful situations with a positive attitude.

Does Hana Miyakoshi have any unique quirks or habits?

Hana Miyakoshi has a habit of adding a “nya” sound at the end of her sentences, which is a play on the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat’s meow. This quirk adds a playful and endearing element to her character.

What is Hana Miyakoshi’s role in the Wagnaria restaurant?

Hana Miyakoshi works as a waitress in the Wagnaria Restaurant. She takes orders, serves food and drinks to customers, and makes sure they have a pleasant dining experience. She is an integral part of the restaurant staff.

Does Hana Miyakoshi have any notable relationships with other characters?

Hana Miyakoshi has strong friendships with her co-workers at Wagnaria, including the main protagonist, Sota Takanashi. She is particularly close to the other waitresses and often engages in friendly banter and playful interactions with them.