Elhaym Van Houten

Original Name (Japanese): エレハイム・ヴァン・ホーテン
Romanized Name: Elehayym Van Houten
Nicknames: Elly
Series: Xenogears
Age: 20
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 162 cm
Date of Birth: June 20
Blood Type: AB


Elhaym “Elly” Van Houten is described as an optimistic and caring individual who wants to help the protagonist, Fei, despite the fact that he is a LAMB and she cannot leave the military. She is determined and competent in combat, using her staff and powerful elemental aether abilities. However, Elly struggles with the fact that her red-haired, blue-violet-eyed appearance sets her apart from other Solarians, who are mostly blonde and blue-eyed, and causes some ridicule from her former comrades.


Elly is a young, experienced officer in the Solaris military, part of the Gebler branch. Her parents, Medena and Eric, are both pure Solarians, and her father is a decorated officer in the Imperial Guard. Elly was created by the Wave Existence out of Abel’s need for a mother, and her encounter with Fei changes her life forever.

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Elly is described as having red hair and blue-violet eyes, which sets her apart from the typical Solarian appearance of blonde hair and blue eyes. This physical difference has been a source of ridicule and scrutiny from some of her peers.


Elly is a competent fighter, skilled in the use of staffs as her weapon of choice. She also possesses powerful elemental aether abilities that make her a valuable asset to the party. Her combat skills and magical abilities make her a formidable ally.


Elly’s origin is tied to the Wave Existence, a mysterious and powerful entity that created her out of Abel’s need for a mother. This connection to the Wave Existence is an important part of Elly’s role in the story of Xenogears.

Elhaym Van Houten – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Elhaym Van Houten from the “Xenogears 4-koma comic”:

What is the role of Elhaym Van Houten in the Xenogears 4-koma comic?

Elhaym, also known as Elly, is one of the main characters in the Xenogears 4-koma comic. As a member of the Gebler Organization, she often finds herself in comedic situations alongside the other characters of the Xenogears universe.

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What is Elly’s personality like in the 4-koma comic?

In the 4-koma comic, Elly is portrayed as a kind-hearted and caring individual, but also somewhat naive and easily upset. She often tries to mediate conflicts between the other characters, but sometimes gets caught up in the chaos herself.

Does Elly have any special abilities or powers in the 4-koma comic?

While Elly is a skilled fighter in the main Xenogears storyline, her abilities are not a major focus in the 4-koma comic. Instead, the comic tends to emphasize her more comedic and relatable qualities.

How is Elly’s relationship with Fei Fong Wong different in the 4-koma comic?

In the 4-koma comic, Elly and Fei’s relationship is portrayed in a more light-hearted and playful manner compared to the main story of Xenogears. They are shown as close friends who joke and tease each other, but their deeper emotional connection is not explored as much.

Are there any recurring jokes or gags involving Elly in the 4-koma comic?

A recurring gag in the 4-koma comic is Elly’s tendency to get flustered or overwhelmed by the antics of the other characters, leading to comedic reactions and situations. She is also often the voice of reason, trying to keep the group on track.

How does the 4-koma comic’s portrayal of Elly compare to her characterization in the main Xenogears story?

While the 4-koma comic maintains the core aspects of Elly’s character, such as her compassion and her relationship with Fei, the overall tone and focus is much more comedic and lighthearted compared to the more serious and dramatic main Xenogears story.