Shion Uzuki

Original Name: シオン・ウヅキ
Romaji Name: Shion Uzuki
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Xenosaga
Age: 20-24 (varies across the series)
Weight: Unknown
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Shion Uzuki is the main protagonist of the Xenosaga series. She is an exceptionally bright and capable individual, having landed a job at the First R&D Division of Vector Industries at the age of 18. Despite the tragedies she has faced, Shion maintains a cheerful and friendly personality, earning her many friends at Vector. However, she has a tendency to be selfish and petty at times. Shion is also haunted by the traumatic events of her past, particularly the deaths of her parents and her lover, Kevin Winnicot.


Shion’s life was turned upside down at a young age when her hometown was attacked during the Miltian Conflict. She witnessed the death of both her parents, which had a profound effect on her. Her brother Jin later took care of her until she was old enough to support herself. Shion eventually joined Vector Industries and worked on the KOS-MOS project, where she fell in love with her co-worker, Kevin Winnicot. Tragically, Kevin was killed by KOS-MOS when she was awakened prematurely.

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Shion has long, light hair and green eyes. She is often seen wearing a white lab coat or a casual outfit consisting of a pink shirt, blue skirt, and knee-high boots. Shion has a slim, youthful appearance that belies her intelligence and abilities.


Shion is an exceptional engineer and scientist who has quickly risen through the ranks at Vector Industries. She was the Junior Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS project, demonstrating her technical expertise. Shion is also highly analytical and determined, driven by her desire to uncover the truth behind the events of the Miltian Conflict and the death of her parents.


Shion Uzuki is the protagonist of the Xenosaga trilogy for the PlayStation 2. She also appeared in the Xenosaga: The Animation series and Xenosaga I & II for the Nintendo DS.

Shion Uzuki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Shion Uzuki from “Xenosaga The Animation”:

Who is Shion Uzuki?

Shion Uzuki is the main protagonist of the Xenosaga video game series and its anime adaptation, Xenosaga The Animation. She is a young woman who works as a top-level engineer for the powerful Vector Industries Corporation. Shion becomes embroiled in a galactic conflict involving the mysterious alien Gnosis creatures and the ancient superweapon known as the Zohar.

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What is Shion’s role in the story of Xenosaga?

Shion is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Zohar, an ancient artifact with immense, reality-altering power. As the chief engineer of the KOS-MOS project, Shion plays a central role in the development of the powerful android KOS-MOS, who becomes an important ally in the fight against the Gnosis. Shion’s personal history and connection to the Zohar also make her a target for various factions vying for control of this ultimate power.

What are Shion’s skills and abilities?

Shion is an extremely gifted engineer and scientist, responsible for many of the technological breakthroughs seen in the Xenosaga universe. She is also highly intelligent and analytical, able to quickly assess complex situations. Though not a combatant herself, Shion’s technical expertise and problem-solving skills make her an invaluable asset to the team. She also has a strong sense of justice and compassion that drives her actions.

What is Shion’s relationship to KOS-MOS?

Shion has a unique bond with the android KOS-MOS, whom she helped create and program. Although KOS-MOS is an emotionless, powerful weapon, Shion sees her as more than just a machine and develops a protective and almost maternal relationship with her. Shion is determined to unlock KOS-MOS’ full potential and understand the android’s true nature and purpose.

How does Shion’s past affect the events of Xenosaga?

Shion’s personal history is deeply intertwined with the Zohar and the Gnosis threat. As a child, she survived a traumatic incident at the Miltia facility where her parents were killed. This experience scarred Shion and shaped her drive to uncover the truth behind the Gnosis and the Zohar. Shion’s connection to these ancient mysteries is central to the overarching storyline of Xenosaga.

What is Shion’s character arc in Xenosaga The Animation?

Throughout the events of the anime, Shion undergoes significant personal growth and development. She begins as a somewhat reserved and analytical individual, but gradually becomes more open, compassionate, and willing to take risks to protect those she cares about. Shion’s journey includes coming to terms with her traumatic past, forging meaningful relationships, and ultimately embracing her role as a key figure in the fight against the Gnosis and the forces threatening the galaxy.