Koushirou Itome

Original Name (Japanese): 糸目 光子郎
Romanized Name: Itome Koushirou
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Yarichin☆Bitch-bu
Age: Unknown (3rd year high school student)
Weight: 67 kg
Height: 188 cm (6’2″)
Date of Birth: October 9
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobbies: Nothing in particular
Skills: Nothing in particular
Favorite Food: Mushrooms
Least Favorite Food: Nothing in particular
Specialty: Normal is best


Koushirou Itome is described as the quiet member of the Yarichin Club. He is usually a “tachi” (dominant partner), but becomes a “neko” (submissive partner) when he has sex with his boyfriend, Keiichi Akemi. Itome loves Akemi very much and comes from a wealthy family.


Not much is known about Itome’s background, other than the fact that he comes from a wealthy family. He is a third-year student at the Mori Mori Academy and a member of the Yarichin Bitch Club.

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Itome is the tallest character in the Yarichin☆Bitch-bu series, standing at 188 cm (6’2″). He has a pale complexion and narrow, lilac-gray eyes. His shoulder-length hair is blond.


Itome’s skills and abilities are not particularly emphasized in the source material. He is described as having “nothing special” when it comes to his hobbies and specialties.


Koushirou Itome is a character from the yaoi manga and anime series Yarichin☆Bitch-bu, created by manga artist Ogeretsu Tanaka.

Koushirou Itome – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Koushirou Itome from “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”:

Who is Koushirou Itome?

Koushirou Itome is a character from the manga and anime series “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”. He is a first year student at Morimori Academy and the younger brother of Yuu Itome, one of the main characters.

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What is Koushirou’s personality like?

Koushirou is described as a shy and introverted young man. He often keeps to himself and can be awkward in social situations. However, he is also kindhearted and loyal to his friends and family, especially his older brother Yuu.

What is Koushirou’s role in the story?

Although not a main character, Koushirou plays an important supporting role in the series. He is often involved in the antics and drama surrounding the Yarichin Bitch Club, the school’s infamous photography club, due to his close relationship with Yuu.

Does Koushirou have any noteworthy character development?

Over the course of the series, Koushirou gradually becomes more confident and outgoing, especially after he forms a close friendship with another freshman, Takanori Hana. His growing independence and willingness to stand up for himself is seen as an important part of his character arc.

What is the relationship between Koushirou and his brother Yuu like?

Koushirou looks up to his older brother Yuu, and the two share a strong bond. Yuu is very protective of Koushirou and tries to shield him from the more scandalous aspects of the Yarichin Bitch Club. Koushirou, on the other hand, admires Yuu and looks to him for guidance.

Does Koushirou have a romantic story?

While Koushirou does not have a major romantic storyline of his own, there are hints of a possible romantic interest between him and his friend Takanori Hana. Their growing closeness and mutual concern for each other is hinted at throughout the series.