Yui Tamura

Japanese Name 田村 唯
Romaji Name Tamura Yui
Nicknames Tamu-senpai
Series Yarichin☆Bitch-bu
Age Not specified
Weight 60 kg
Height 176 cm
Date of Birth November 21
Blood Type Not specified

Yui Tamura from “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”: Exploring the Enigmatic Character

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Yui Tamura, a supporting character in the anime and manga series “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu,” possesses a multifaceted personality that both intrigues and confuses those around him. Despite his difficulty in expressing his thoughts clearly, Yui is known for his unwavering loyalty and a mischievous streak that often leads to provocative behavior. His actions sometimes seem to contradict his true intentions, as he often ends up saying the exact opposite of what he means. This enigmatic nature adds a layer of complexity to his character, making him all the more compelling to the viewer.


Yui Tamura is a second-year student at Morimori Academy, the setting of the series. While specific details of his background are not revealed, it is clear that Yui is an integral part of the school’s infamous “Bitch Club”. As a member of this club, Yui engages in various activities that challenge social norms and push the boundaries of conventional behavior. His presence in the club contributes to the overall dynamic and unique atmosphere of the series.


Yui Tamura’s physical appearance is as fascinating as his personality. Standing 176 cm tall and weighing 60 kg, he has a slender and elegant frame. One of Yui’s most distinctive features is his spiky light blue hair, which adds a touch of uniqueness to his overall appearance. His captivating blue eyes and small eyebrows add to his enigmatic charm. In addition, Yui displays a strong sense of style in his choice of fashion, reflecting his individuality within the series.


While Yui Tamura’s abilities are not detailed in the available sources, it is mentioned that he has a special skill in harassment. This ability, combined with his mischievous nature, allows Yui to act provocatively and playfully towards others. However, the extent and implications of this skill are open to interpretation, adding an air of mystery to his character.


Yui Tamura is from the anime and manga series “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”. Created by Ogeretsu Tanaka, the series revolves around the lives of the members of the “Bitch Club” at Morimori Academy. Yui’s presence in the series contributes to the exploration of various themes, including friendship, loyalty, and the challenges of adolescent self-discovery. As a supporting character, Yui adds depth and complexity to the narrative, leaving viewers intrigued by his enigmatic personality.

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Yui Tamura – FAQ

Who is Yui Tamura in “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”?

Yui Tamura is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”. He is one of the main characters and a member of the Yarichin☆Bitch Club.

What is Yui Tamura’s personality like?

Yui Tamura is known for his cheerful and energetic personality. He is often seen as the mood setter of the group, bringing a lively and positive atmosphere wherever he goes. Yui is also friendly, outgoing, and has a playful nature.

What is Yui Tamura’s role in the Yarichin☆Bitch Club?

Yui Tamura is a member of the Yarichin☆Bitch Club, a group of boys at an all-boys school who engage in various sexual activities. Yui is one of the more active and enthusiastic members, often taking part in the club’s escapades and adventures.

Does Yui Tamura have a romantic relationship in the series?

In “Yarichin☆Bitch-bu”, Yui Tamura is shown to have romantic feelings for Tamura Reiji, another member of the Yarichin☆Bitch Club. Yui’s feelings for Reiji are portrayed as deep and genuine, and he often expresses his affection and desire for him.

What are Yui Tamura’s physical characteristics?

Yui Tamura is depicted as a boy with short, messy blond hair and pale blue eyes. He has a slim and athletic build, and his appearance is often described as cute and charming.

What are Yui Tamura’s interests and hobbies?

Yui Tamura is passionate about fashion and often pays close attention to his appearance. He enjoys experimenting with different styles and outfits, and he especially likes cute and trendy clothes. In addition, Yui has a love for music and enjoys singing and dancing.