Tae Hanazono

Japanese Name 花園 たえ
Romaji Name Hanazono Tae
Nicknames O-Tae
Series Yes! BanG_Dream!
Age Third Year
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth 4th December
Blood Type Sagittarius
Likes Hamburger, Sweet red-bean soup, anything edible
Dislikes None (Nothing too weird, though…)


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The energetic lead guitarist of Poppin’Party


Tae Hanazono, a character from the anime series “Yes! BanG_Dream!”, is known for her energetic and cocky personality. She is a junior at Hanasakigawa Girls’ High School and the lead guitarist of the popular band Poppin’Party. Despite her somewhat absent-minded nature, Tae’s passion for music shines through in her performances. She is often seen with a cheerful and upbeat demeanor, bringing joy and enthusiasm to those around her.


Tae Hanazono’s love for music can be traced back to her early years. She began playing the guitar in elementary school and has been dedicated to mastering the instrument ever since. Her passion for music led her to work part-time at a live house while attending high school, which further fueled her musical aspirations. Tae’s determination and talent caught the attention of the other members of Poppin’Party, who invited her to join the band as their lead guitarist.


Tae Hanazono has a distinctive appearance that reflects her vibrant personality. She is often seen wearing her signature outfit, a colorful and stylish ensemble befitting a rock musician. Tae has long, flowing brown hair and expressive eyes that reflect her enthusiasm for music. Her fashion sense and bubbly personality make her a standout member of Poppin’ Party both on and off stage.


As the lead guitarist of Poppin’Party, Tae Hanazono possesses exceptional musical skills. Her guitar skills are the backbone of the band’s sound, adding a dynamic and melodic element to their performances. Tae’s dedication to her craft and countless hours of practice have honed her skills to a high level. Her mastery of the guitar allows her to create captivating solos and contribute to the overall harmonies of the band.

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Tae Hanazono’s origin is in the fictional world of “Yes! BanG_Dream!” where she is a central character. She was created as part of the multimedia franchise that includes anime, music, and mobile games. Tae’s story unfolds in the context of Poppin’Party’s journey to achieve their dreams and become a successful band. Her character development and interactions with the other members of the band contribute to the overall narrative of the series.
In conclusion,
Tae Hanazono is a popular character from the anime series “Yes! BanG_Dream!” known for her energetic personality, musical talent, and dedication to the guitar. As the lead guitarist of Poppin’Party, she brings life and excitement to the band’s performances. Tae’s vibrant appearance and lively demeanor make her a memorable and beloved member of the show.

Tae Hanazono – FAQ

Who is Tae Hanazono?

Tae Hanazono is a fictional character from the multimedia franchise “BanG Dream!” and is a member of the all-female band Poppin’Party.

What is Tae Hanazono’s role in Poppin’Party?

Tae Hanazono is the lead guitarist of Poppin’Party. She is known for her quiet and mysterious personality.

What is Tae Hanazono’s personality like?

Tae Hanazono is often described as quiet and mysterious. She rarely speaks and tends to express herself through her guitar playing.

What are some of Tae Hanazono’s most notable characteristics?

Tae Hanazono is known for her long silver hair, which she often wears in a loose ponytail. She is also known for her unique fashion sense and her ability to captivate audiences with her expressive guitar solos.

What is Tae Hanazono’s story?

Tae Hanazono’s backstory reveals that she comes from a family of musicians and has been playing the guitar since she was a child. She is known to have a deep passion for music and is constantly seeking inspiration for her performances.

How does Tae Hanazono contribute to the overall story of BanG Dream!

Tae Hanazono’s character plays an important role in the development of Poppin’Party’s music and their journey as a band. Her unique style and artistic approach often brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to the group’s performances.