Yotsuba Koiwai

Original Name 小岩井 四葉
Romaji Name Koiwai Yotsuba
Nicknames Yotsuba
Series Yotsuba to!
Age 5 years old
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Yotsuba Koiwai from “Yotsuba to! – A spirited and curious protagonist

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Yotsuba Koiwai, the main protagonist of the “Yotsuba to!” manga series, is known for her spirited and curious personality. She approaches life with a carefree and energetic attitude, finding joy in even the simplest of things. Yotsuba’s childlike innocence and enthusiasm shine through in her interactions with the world around her. She has a tendency to mispronounce words and create her own unique phrases, showing her imaginative and playful nature. Despite her young age, Yotsuba possesses a remarkable level of energy that is often remarked upon by other characters in the story.


Yotsuba’s background is not extensively explored in the series, but it is revealed that she is an adopted child. Her birthplace remains unknown, but she claims to be from an island “to the left”. Yotsuba’s adoptive father, Koiwai, found her as an orphan in a foreign land and decided to raise her as his own. Though she is occasionally mistaken for a foreigner due to her appearance, Yotsuba’s exact origins remain unclear. Before living with Koiwai, she lived with him and his mother in the countryside. Yotsuba has never attended school and is unfamiliar with concepts such as grades and homework.


Yotsuba is depicted as a little girl with bright green hair styled in four different braids, resembling a four-leaf clover. Her unconventional hairstyle adds to her unique charm and reflects her playful nature. Yotsuba’s character design is simple yet distinct, capturing her youthful and vibrant attitude. She is often seen wearing a green shirt, orange shorts, and white shoes, adding to her cheerful appearance.


Despite her young age, Yotsuba displays various skills and talents throughout the series. She is an excellent swimmer and often enjoys swimming with her friends. Yotsuba is also shown to have a passion for drawing, though she may overestimate her artistic abilities. In addition, she possesses a remarkable amount of physical energy and stamina, which allows her to engage in various activities with enthusiasm and gusto.


Yotsuba Koiwai was created by Kiyohiko Azuma and first appeared in the manga series “Yotsuba to! The series focuses on Yotsuba’s daily adventures and encounters with the world around her. Yotsuba’s character has gained popularity for her infectious enthusiasm and relatable childlike wonder. She has become a beloved character among manga readers for her ability to find joy in the simplest of things and her relentless curiosity.

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Yotsuba Koiwai – FAQ

Who is Yotsuba Koiwai?

Yotsuba Koiwai is the main character of the manga series “Yotsuba&!

How old is Yotsuba Koiwai?

Yotsuba Koiwai is a five year old girl.

What is Yotsuba’s personality like?

Yotsuba is known for her cheerful, energetic, and curious personality. She is often depicted as naive and innocent, approaching the world with a childlike sense of wonder.

What are Yotsuba’s hobbies and interests?

Yotsuba has a wide variety of interests and hobbies. She enjoys exploring nature, playing with her friends, and discovering new things. She is also fascinated by cicadas and often spends time catching them.

Who are Yotsuba’s friends?

Yotsuba has several friends in the series, including Fuuka Ayase, Ena Ayase, Miura Hayasaka, and Asagi Ayase. She often engages in various adventures and activities with them.

What is the relationship between Yotsuba and her father?

Yotsuba has a close and loving relationship with her father. He is often portrayed as a caring and patient parent who supports Yotsuba’s adventures and encourages her curiosity.