Jin Tadokoro

Original Name (Japanese): 田所 迅
Romaji Name: Tadokoro Jin
Nicknames: “Old man”, “The Bear”
Series: Yowamushi Pedal
Age: 20
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 187 cm
Date of Birth: October 16
Blood Type: A


Jin Tadokoro is a loud, confident, and boastful person. He is a proud sprinter who has no qualms about showing off when he wins. However, he also has a softer side and cares deeply for his teammates, especially Teshima and Aoyagi. Tadokoro often argues with the equally competitive Naruko, but the two share a strong camaraderie. Despite his imposing stature, Tadokoro can also be nervous in certain situations, such as when Onoda convinces him to sing an anime song or when he encounters cosplay maids in Akihabara.


Tadokoro is a sophomore at Tukushiba University and a member of the Tukushiba University Bicycle Racing Club. Before that, he was a high school student, though the details of his high school career are not given.

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Tadokoro is a tall and muscular individual with a commanding presence. He has short, spiky black hair and sharp facial features that give him an intimidating look. He typically wears the Tukushiba University cycling uniform.


Tadokoro is a skilled sprinter, a role he proudly embraces. His physical strength and endurance make him a formidable competitor on the bike.


Jin Tadokoro is a character from the Yowamushi Pedal anime and manga series created by Wataru Watanabe. He is introduced as a supporting character in the series, playing an important role in the team dynamics and competitions.

Jin Tadokoro – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Jin Tadokoro from “Yowamushi Pedal: Special Ride”:

Who is Jin Tadokoro?

Jin Tadokoro is a character in the anime and manga series “Yowamushi Pedal: Special Ride”. He is a freshman in high school and a member of the Sohoku High School cycling team.

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What is Jin Tadokoro’s role in the Sohoku team?

Jin Tadokoro is the sprinter for the Sohoku team. He is known for his powerful sprints and ability to overtake opponents in the final stages of a race.

What is Jin Tadokoro’s cycling history?

Jin Tadokoro initially had no experience in competitive cycling. He was recruited to the Sohoku team by Sakamichi Onoda, the team’s ace, and quickly proved his talent as a sprinter.

What is Jin Tadokoro’s personality like compared to his teammates?

Jin Tadokoro is generally more confident and assertive than his more reserved teammates. He is driven to prove his worth as a cyclist and often clashes with the team’s ace, Sakamichi Onoda, over their respective roles.

What are Jin Tadokoro’s most notable achievements in the series?

Jin Tadokoro has played a crucial role in several of Sohoku’s victories, including helping the team win the Inter-High competition. He has also had notable individual performances, such as winning the sprint classification in one race.

How does Jin Tadokoro’s relationship with his teammates develop over the course of the series?

At first, Jin Tadokoro has a somewhat contentious relationship with his teammates, especially Sakamichi Onoda. As the series progresses, however, he learns to work more cohesively with the team and to appreciate the importance of teamwork in cycling.