Otabek Altin

Original Name オタベック・アルティン
Romaji Name Otabek Altin
Nicknames None
Series Yuri!!! on Ice
Age 18
Weight N/A
Height 168 cm
Date of Birth October 31
Blood Type N/A

Otabek Altin from “Yuri!!! on Ice

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Otabek Altin, a character from the popular anime series “Yuri!!! on Ice”, is known for his stoic and reserved personality. He often appears expressionless, but underneath his calm exterior is a determined and focused individual. Otabek is driven by his passion for figure skating and has a strong work ethic. He is dedicated to his craft and strives for excellence in every performance.


A native of Kazakhstan, Otabek Altin is an accomplished figure skater. He is inspired by his idol, legendary figure skater Victor Nikiforov, and looks up to him as a role model. Otabek’s journey in the world of figure skating has been influenced by his Kazakh heritage and his desire to make his country proud. Despite facing various challenges and setbacks, Otabek remains resilient and determined to succeed.


Otabek Altin is a young skater with short black hair styled in an undercut. His dark brown eyes reflect his focused and determined nature. He has a lean and athletic build, which is a prerequisite for excelling in the demanding sport of figure skating. Otabek’s appearance exudes a sense of strength and confidence that reflects his dedication to his craft.


As a figure skater, Otabek Altin possesses exceptional skill and talent on the ice. His performances are characterized by precise and powerful movements that showcase his technical prowess. Otabek’s routines are known for their intensity and captivating presence, leaving a lasting impression on judges and audiences alike. His dedication to training and ability to execute complex jumps and spins contribute to his success as a skater.


Otabek Altin’s character is based on the real-life Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten, who won the bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Like Otabek, Denis Ten hails from Almaty, Kazakhstan, and was recognized for his exceptional talent and performance on the ice. The creators of “Yuri!!! on Ice” were inspired by Denis Ten’s achievements and incorporated elements of his story into Otabek’s character.

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Otabek Altin – FAQ

Who is Otabek Altin in “Yuri!!! on Ice”?

Otabek Altin is a character from the anime series “Yuri!!! on Ice”. He is a professional figure skater from Kazakhstan and becomes an important rival and friend of the main protagonist, Yuri Katsuki.

What is Otabek’s personality like?

Otabek is often portrayed as quiet, stoic, and reserved. He is known for his serious demeanor and strong determination. Otabek is fiercely dedicated to his sport and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve his goals.

How does Otabek fit into the story?

Otabek plays a crucial role in the story of “Yuri!!! on Ice”. He becomes a source of inspiration and motivation for the main characters, especially Yuri Katsuki and Yuri Plisetsky. Otabek’s friendship and support help them overcome personal and professional challenges.

What are Otabek’s notable figure skating accomplishments?

Otabek is a highly skilled figure skater who has achieved several notable successes. He won the gold medal at the Junior Grand Prix in his debut season and later became the silver medalist at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

Does Otabek have any significant relationships in the series?

Throughout the series, Otabek develops a close friendship with Yuri Plisetsky, another talented skater. Their bond strengthens as they compete and support each other. Otabek also forms a strong bond with Yuuri Katsuki, who becomes an important ally and confidant.

What is Otabek’s signature move?

Otabek’s signature move is called the “Altin Spin”. It is a breathtaking spinning move in which he jumps into the air and performs multiple spins while maintaining an impressive level of control and grace.