Chiaki Oogaki

Original Name 大垣 千明
Romaji Name Oogaki Chiaki
Nicknames Aki
Series Yuru Camp△
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth August 31st
Blood Type Not specified


Chiaki Oogaki, from the anime series “Yuru Camp△”, is portrayed as a cheerful and lively high school girl. She has a bright and active personality, which makes her an integral member of the Outdoor Activities Club. Chiaki is known for her enthusiasm and passion for camping, always eager to explore new camping spots and engage in outdoor adventures.
She is described as a friendly and outgoing person who easily connects with others. Chiaki’s lively nature brings a sense of energy and excitement to the group, often encouraging her friends to go camping and enjoy the outdoors. Her positive attitude and outgoing nature make her a popular character among fans of the series.

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Chiaki Oogaki is a student at Motosu High School and a founding member of the Outdoor Activities Club. While her background details are not extensively explored in the anime, it is implied that she has a genuine love for camping and outdoor activities. Chiaki’s involvement in the club suggests that she discovered a passion for camping and decided to share it with her fellow club members.
As the series progresses, Chiaki’s commitment to the Outdoor Activities Club remains unwavering. Together with her friends, she embarks on various camping trips, strengthening their bonds and creating lasting memories.


Chiaki Oogaki is depicted as a young girl with brown eyes and long bluish-purple hair. She typically wears her hair in twin ponytails on the sides of her head, with some hair falling down the sides of her face. Chiaki’s hairstyle contributes to her youthful and energetic appearance.
In terms of clothing, Chiaki wears black leggings, reddish brown boots, and a large dark blue coat when she is outdoors or camping. At school, she wears the typical female uniform, especially the winter seifuku.


Although Chiaki Oogaki’s abilities are not explicitly emphasized in the series, she has a keen sense of adventure and a knack for planning camping trips. Chiaki is often in charge of selecting campsites and organizing the necessary equipment for the Outdoor Activities Club’s trips. Her ability to create fun and memorable camping experiences for her friends demonstrates her ability to plan and execute outdoor adventures.
In addition, Chiaki’s friendly and outgoing personality allows her to build relationships and foster a sense of camaraderie among her peers. Her ability to bring people together and create a positive and welcoming atmosphere contributes to the overall enjoyment of camping trips.


Chiaki Oogaki is from the anime and manga series “Yuru Camp△” written and illustrated by Afro. The series follows a group of high school girls who form a club dedicated to outdoor activities and camping. Chiaki is introduced as one of the founding members of the Outdoor Activities Club, and her character plays an important role in the development of the story.
An original creation for the series, Chiaki’s character was designed to embody the spirit of adventure and the joy of camping. Her inclusion adds depth and variety to the cast of characters, showcasing different personalities and perspectives within the context of camping and outdoor exploration.

Chiaki Oogaki – FAQ

Who is Chiaki Oogaki in “Yuru Camp△”?

Chiaki Oogaki is a character in the anime and manga series “Yuru Camp△”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the Outdoor Activities Club along with her friends Rin Shima and Aoi Inuyama.

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What is Chiaki’s personality like?

Chiaki is known for her energetic and outgoing personality. She is often the one who initiates camping trips and encourages her friends to try new outdoor activities. She is friendly, cheerful, and has a great sense of humor.

What are Chiaki’s hobbies?

Chiaki has a passion for camping and outdoor activities. She enjoys exploring different camping spots, cooking delicious meals over a campfire, and participating in various outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.

What is Chiaki’s role in the Outdoor Activities Club?

Within the Outdoor Activities Club, Chiaki is the driving force behind planning and organizing camping trips. She often takes the lead in researching camping locations, preparing equipment, and coordinating the group’s activities during the trip.

How does Chiaki interact with other characters?

Chiaki has a close friendship with Rin and Aoi, her fellow members of the Outdoor Activities Club. The trio share a deep love of camping and often go on camping adventures together. Chiaki’s energetic nature complements Rin’s more reserved demeanor, creating a balanced dynamic within the group.

Does Chiaki have any notable quirks or catchphrases?

Chiaki has a distinctive laugh, often referred to as “fu fu fu” in the anime and manga. It has become one of her most notable quirks, adding to her lively and playful personality. She is also known for her love of delicious food and often expresses her excitement through animated reactions when enjoying a good meal.