Original Name ツエルブ(久見 冬二)
Romaji Name Touji Hisami
Nicknames Sphinx #2
Series Zankyou no Terror
Age 17-18
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Twelve, also known as Touji Hisami or Sphinx #2, is a complex character in the anime series “Zankyou no Terror”. He is portrayed as a jokester with a light-hearted and energetic demeanor. He enjoys meddling in other people’s affairs and has a mischievous side. Beneath his playful exterior, however, lies a character capable of ruthless and violent action when necessary.
Twelve’s personality is a result of the psychological damage he suffered during his time at the Settlement, an institution for children. Despite his contradictory traits, he remains a loyal and dependable friend. He possesses a prodigious intellect, a keen sense of social justice, and a compassionate side, as evidenced by his interactions with Lisa Mishima.
After interacting with Lisa, Twelve undergoes a dramatic change. He becomes deeply attached to her and goes against the wishes of his partner Nine to protect her. In a pivotal moment, he chooses to save Lisa rather than betray Nine, demonstrating his loyalty and selflessness. He is willing to put himself in great danger to help his friends.

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Twelve is a member of the terrorist group known as Sphinx, along with Nine. The two grew up together in the Settlement, an institution for children. Their motives for engaging in terrorist activities remain unknown. The anime series explores their past and sheds light on the experiences they had within the institution that shaped their personalities and actions.


In terms of appearance, Twelve is portrayed as a young male character with a slender build. He has messy, light-colored hair and bright blue eyes that reflect his energetic nature. He typically dresses casually, and is often seen wearing a hoodie and jeans. His overall appearance is youthful and carefree.


Twelve possesses exceptional intelligence, making him a formidable opponent. He displays his intellect through intricate planning and strategizing during their terrorist activities. He and Nine use intricate puzzles and riddles in their messages, challenging authorities to solve them.
In addition, Twelve displays physical prowess and agility. He is adept at evading capture and displays impressive fighting skills when faced with dangerous situations. Despite his playful demeanor, he can quickly switch to a more serious and focused mindset when the situation calls for it.


Twelve is a character from the anime series “Zankyou no Terror”, also known as “Terror in Resonance”. Created by Shinichiro Watanabe, the series follows the story of Twelve and Nine as they commit acts of terrorism in Tokyo. The anime explores themes of justice, morality, and the consequences of one’s actions.
Throughout the series, Twelve’s character development and backstory are gradually revealed, providing insight into his motivations and the experiences that have shaped him. His interactions with other characters, especially Lisa Mishima, play a significant role in his transformation throughout the story.

Twelve – FAQ

Who are the Twelve in “Zankyou no Terror”?

The Twelve are a group of people involved in a terrorist plot in the anime series “Zankyou no Terror”. They are identified by numerical code names, with Nine and Twelve being the main characters. Their true identities and backgrounds are gradually revealed throughout the series.

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What are the goals of the Twelve?

The Twelve’s primary goal is to expose and challenge the flaws in society by carrying out a series of carefully planned terrorist attacks. They aim to awaken the public and provoke a response from the authorities, who they believe have been negligent in addressing societal issues.

How do Nine and Twelve carry out their attacks?

Nine and Twelve, as members of the Twelve, use their technical expertise to orchestrate elaborate bombings in Tokyo. They leave complex puzzles and clues for the authorities to solve, turning their attacks into a twisted game of cat and mouse.

What motivates the Twelve to become terrorists?

The Twelve are motivated by their shared past and the injustices they have experienced. They feel disillusioned with society and harbor deep resentment toward those they perceive as responsible for their suffering. Their acts of terror are fueled by a desire for revenge and a desperate attempt to make their voices heard.

Are the Twelve presented as sympathetic characters?

Yes, the anime portrays the Twelve as complex characters with complicated backgrounds and motivations. While their actions are morally questionable, the series delves into their personal struggles and reveals the circumstances that led them to become terrorists. This exploration often elicits a sense of empathy from the audience.

Do the Twelve face any opposition?

Yes, throughout the series, the Twelve face opposition from both the authorities and a mysterious detective known as “Five”. Five becomes obsessed with finding and capturing the Twelve, leading to intense confrontations and a battle of wits between her and Nine and Twelve.