Saito Hiraga

Japanese Name 平賀 才人
Romaji Name Hiraga Saito
Nicknames Gandálfr, Lífþrasir, Baka Inu, Our Sword, Saito Chevalier de Hiraga, Saito de Hi
Series Zero no Tsukaima
Age 17
Weight N/A
Height 172 cm (5’8″)
Date of Birth December 9th
Blood Type N/A


Saito Hiraga, the male protagonist of the anime series “Zero no Tsukaima”, has a compassionate and caring personality. Despite the hierarchical social structure of Halkeginia, he treats everyone he meets with respect and kindness, regardless of their status as nobles or peasants. Saito is known for his loyalty and willingness to protect his friends and loved ones. He has a strong sense of justice and is willing to stand up against injustice, even at great personal risk.


Saito Hiraga was born on Earth, specifically in Tokyo, Japan. His life takes a dramatic turn when he is unexpectedly summoned to the magical world of Halkeginia. At the time of his summoning, Saito had just picked up his laptop after trying to get it repaired in Akihabara. In a twist of fate, a portal opens in front of him and his curiosity leads him to touch it, resulting in his being transported to a completely different world.


Saito Hiraga is a 17 year old young man with a height of 172 cm (5’8″). He has a fairly average build and modest appearance. Saito is often seen wearing the standard Tristain Academy of Magic uniform of a white shirt, black vest, and black pants. He has messy brown hair and brown eyes.


Saito possesses remarkable fighting skills and is a skilled swordsman. As a Gandálfr, a rare and powerful familiar spirit, he gains the ability to use any object designed for use as a weapon with extraordinary skill. This includes weapons he has never encountered before, such as rocket launchers and fighter planes. Saito’s physical attributes are greatly enhanced when he activates his Gandálfr powers, making him stronger, faster, and more resilient. However, these enhancements quickly fade when he stops using his powers.


Saito originated in present-day Tokyo, Japan. He is summoned from Earth to Halkeginia by a magical ritual performed by Louise de La Vallière, a fellow student at the Tristain Academy of Magic. Initially disoriented and unable to understand the language spoken in Halkeginia, Saito eventually gains the ability to understand and communicate with others as if they were speaking Japanese. He forms a deep bond with Louise, who becomes his master and partner in various adventures throughout the series.

Saito Hiraga – FAQ

Who is Saito Hiraga?

Saito Hiraga is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Zero no Tsukaima” (also known as “The Familiar of Zero”). He is a high school student from Japan who is summoned to the magical world of Halkeginia as the familiar of Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, a talented but hot-tempered magician.

What is Saito’s role in the show?

Saito serves as Louise’s familiar, bound to her by a magical contract. As her familiar, he assists her in her magical studies, battles, and various adventures. Throughout the series, he becomes a key figure in the conflicts and political struggles of Halkeginia.

What is Saito’s personality like?

Saito is initially portrayed as a normal, somewhat perverted teenager. However, he is also shown to be brave, loyal, and willing to protect his friends. He has a strong sense of justice and often finds himself in dangerous situations because of his desire to protect those he cares about.

What are Saito’s abilities?

Upon being summoned to Halkeginia, Saito gains the ability to perfectly wield any weapon, known as the “Gandalfr” ability. This power allows him to become proficient in various forms of combat, making him a formidable warrior on the battlefield.

Does Saito have a romantic relationship?

Yes, Saito develops several romantic relationships over the course of the series. His primary love interest is Louise, with whom he has a complicated but passionate relationship. He also forms close bonds with other female characters, leading to romantic entanglements and a love triangle dynamic.

How does Saito’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Saito undergoes significant character development. He begins as an ordinary person drawn into an alien world, but gradually becomes more confident, brave, and determined. Saito’s experiences in Halkeginia shape him into a capable warrior and a reliable ally for his friends.