Aika Fuwa

Japanese Name 不破 愛花
Romaji Name Fuwa Aika
Nicknames N/A
Series Zetsuen no Tempest
Age N/A (Deceased)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A



The enigmatic character from “Zetsuen no Tempest


Aika Fuwa, a character from the anime series “Zetsuen no Tempest”, is known for her enigmatic and intriguing personality. She has a deep love for literature and often quotes famous books such as “Hamlet” and “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. Aika is portrayed as intelligent, mysterious, and wise beyond her years. Despite her tragic fate, she maintains a calm demeanor and shows a strong sense of determination.


Aika Fuwa’s background plays a crucial role in the plot of “Zetsuen no Tempest”. She is introduced as the adopted sister of Mahiro Fuwa, one of the main protagonists. Tragically, Aika is brutally murdered before the series begins, setting in motion the events that unfold throughout the story. Her untimely death and the circumstances surrounding it serve as a driving force for the other characters, especially Mahiro and Yoshino.


Aika Fuwa’s appearance in “Zetsuen no Tempest” reflects her ethereal and enigmatic nature. She has brown hair and a delicate, youthful appearance. Her character design exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. Despite her untimely demise, Aika’s presence is felt throughout the series through flashbacks and her impact on the lives of the other characters.


While Aika’s abilities are not extensively explored in the series, it is revealed that she possesses exceptional magical powers. In fact, she is portrayed as the most powerful magician of all, surpassing even Hakaze, a central character in the story. Aika’s magical abilities are instrumental in shaping the fates of Mahiro and Yoshino. Her powers are a testament to her strength and serve as a catalyst for the events that unfold in “Zetsuen no Tempest”.


Aika Fuwa’s character is heavily influenced by the works of William Shakespeare, especially “Hamlet” and “The Tempest”. Her tendency to quote from these plays and her overall demeanor draw parallels to characters such as Ophelia and Sycorax. These literary references add depth and complexity to Aika’s character, highlighting her connection to the themes of tragedy, fate, and the power of words.
In “Zetsuen no Tempest,” Aika Fuwa’s presence, despite her demise, leaves a lasting impact on the story and the lives of the other characters. Her enigmatic personality, tragic background, and extraordinary magical abilities make her a central figure in the series. Aika’s connection to literature and her role in the unfolding events add layers of intrigue and depth to the narrative, making her a memorable character in the world of anime.

Aika Fuwa – FAQ

Who is Aika Fuwa in “Zetsuen no Tempest”?

Aika Fuwa is a main character in the anime and manga series “Zetsuen no Tempest”. She is the late sister of Mahiro Fuwa and the girlfriend of Yoshino Takigawa. Despite her untimely death, Aika’s presence and actions have a significant impact on the plot of the story.

How does Aika Fuwa die?

Aika Fuwa dies before the events of “Zetsuen no Tempest”. The exact cause of her death is shrouded in mystery at first, but it is revealed later in the series that she committed suicide by hanging herself.

What is Aika’s role in the series?

Aika Fuwa serves as a catalyst for the events in “Zetsuen no Tempest”. Her death sets off a chain of events leading to the main conflict of the story. Through her diary and the secrets she left behind, Aika continues to influence the lives of the other characters and shape the direction of the plot.

How does Aika communicate with the main characters after her death?

Although Aika is physically dead, she communicates with the main characters through her diary, which contains her thoughts, plans, and predictions. Aika’s diary serves as a guide and source of information for Mahiro, Yoshino, and other characters as they navigate the complex web of events in the series.

What is the significance of Aika’s character in the story?

Aika Fuwa’s character carries significant symbolic weight in “Zetsuen no Tempest”. She represents the concept of fate and the power of individual choice. Aika’s actions and decisions, both in life and after death, have far-reaching consequences and play a crucial role in the resolution of the story’s conflicts.

How does Aika’s relationship with Yoshino affect the story?

Aika’s relationship with Yoshino Takigawa is a central aspect of the story. Their connection serves as a driving force for the motivations and actions of the main characters. The depth of their bond and the secrets surrounding their relationship add layers of emotional complexity to the overall story arc.