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Zombieland Saga

Sakura Minamoto

Japanese Name 源 さくら Romaji Name Minamoto Sakura Nicknames Zombie 1 Series Zombieland Saga Age 17 (deceased) Weight 46 kg Height 158 cm (5’2″) Date of Birth April 2, 1991 Blood Type Unknown Sakura Minamoto The protagonist of the “Zombieland Saga”. Personality Sakura Minamoto, the main protagonist of the anime series “Zombieland Saga”, is portrayed […]

Junko Konno

Original Name (Japanese): 紺野 純子 Romanized Name: Konno Junko Nicknames: Zombie 4, The Legendary Showa-era Idol Series: Zombieland Saga Age: 19 (Physically), 53-55 (Chronologically) Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs) Height: 155 cm (5’1″) Date of Birth: September 2, 1964 Blood Type: Unknown Personality Junko Konno is a legendary Showa-era idol who pioneered the idol industry […]

Tae Yamada

Original Name 山田 たえ Romaji Name Yamada Tae Nicknames Zombie 0 Series Zombieland Saga Age Unknown Weight 50kg (110 lbs) Height 170cm (5’6″) Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Tae Yamada – The mysterious zombie idol from the Zombieland saga Personality Tae Yamada, also known as “Zombie 0”, is a central character in the […]

Ai Mizuno

Japanese Name 水野 愛 Romaji Name Mizuno Ai Nicknames Zombie 3 Series Zombieland Saga Age 16 (at the time of death) Weight 42 kg Height 160 cm Date of Birth March 7, 1992 Blood Type Unknown Personality Ai Mizuno, also known as “Zombie 3”, has a strong-willed and independent personality. As the former lead singer […]

Saki Nikaidou

Japanese Name 二階堂 サキ Romaji Name Nikaidou Saki Nicknames Zombie 2 Series Zombieland Saga Age 18 (at the time of death) Weight 48kg Height 153cm (5’0″) Date of Birth May 15, 1979 Blood Type O Saki Nikaidou of “Zombieland Saga”: A dynamic and rebellious character Personality Saki Nikaidou, also known as “Zombie 2”, is a […]

Koutarou Tatsumi

Japanese Name 巽 幸太郎 Romaji Name Tatsumi Koutarou Nicknames None Series Zombieland Saga Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Koutarou Tatsumi from the “Zombieland Saga”: A mysterious idol producer Personality Koutarou Tatsumi is portrayed as an arrogant and eccentric character in the anime series “Zombieland Saga”. He is […]