Original Name 友達
Romaji Name Tomodachi
Nicknames Friend
Series 20th Century Boys
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Friend (20th Century Boys): A mysterious and charismatic adversary.


Friend, also known as “Tomodachi”, is the main antagonist in the 20th Century Boys manga series. He has a mysterious and charismatic personality that captivates his followers. Despite his enigmatic nature, Friend is able to gather a massive following and fill large venues such as the Budokan. His true goals and intentions, however, remain unclear throughout the series.


Friend’s true identity is one of the central mysteries of the story. He is portrayed as a cult leader with supernatural powers, including the ability to fly. Friend and his followers use a unique symbol originally created by Kenji and his group of friends as a symbol of a “true friend”. This implies that Friend may have a connection to their group of friends. In 2000, the cult forms the Friendship Democratic Party (FDP), which gains significant political traction and influence.
Later in the series, it is revealed that Friend is the father of Kanna, the child of Kenji’s sister. After Friend’s death, his true identity is revealed as Fukubei Hattori. However, it is discovered that Fukubei had a carefully concealed accomplice named Katsumata, who takes his place and stages a resurrection at a crucial moment.


Friend’s appearance is shrouded in mystery, and his true face is never revealed to the reader. He is depicted wearing a mask throughout the series, which adds to his enigmatic aura. The mask adds to his charismatic image and symbolizes his role as a cult leader.


Friend possesses otherworldly powers, most notably the ability to fly. These powers add to his mystique and further solidify his position as a figure of worship and adoration for his followers. It is also revealed that Katsumata, Friend’s accomplice, has precognitive abilities, adding to the intrigue surrounding the character.


Friend’s origin is closely tied to the events and relationships established in the series. His true identity is initially concealed, and it is not until later in the story that his real name, Fukubei Hattori, is revealed. The circumstances surrounding his transformation into Friend and the reasons for his charismatic leadership are explored as the story unfolds.
Friend’s role as the main antagonist in “20th Century Boys” is central to the plot, driving the story forward and keeping readers engaged with the mystery surrounding his identity and motivations. Through his enigmatic personality, otherworldly powers, and influence over his followers, Friend leaves a lasting impact on the series and its characters.

Friend – FAQ

FAQ about Friend from “20th Century Boys

Who is Friend from “20th Century Boys”?
Friend is the main antagonist in the manga series “20th Century Boys” created by Naoki Urasawa. He is a mysterious figure who becomes the leader of a cult known as the Friends, and his true identity is a central mystery in the story.
What are Friend’s goals in 20th Century Boys?
Friend’s ultimate goal is to bring about the end of the world and establish a new world order under his control. He attempts to manipulate and control people through fear and intimidation, using his cult-like following to carry out his plans.
How does Friend gain followers in 20th Century Boys?
Friend gains followers by preying on people’s fears and insecurities. He uses his charisma, manipulative tactics, and promises of salvation to draw people to his cause. He also uses symbols and secret messages to create a sense of mystery and exclusivity among his followers.
What is the meaning of the symbol Friend uses in “20th Century Boys”?
The symbol used by Friend, known as the “Friend Sign,” is a recurring motif in the series. It represents Friend’s power and influence and serves as a rallying point for his followers. The symbol is often associated with acts of violence and destruction in the story.
Does Friend have any connections to the main characters in 20th Century Boys?
Yes, Friend has connections to the main characters in the series. Friend’s true identity is revealed to be someone from the protagonists’ childhood, adding a personal dimension to the conflict. Friend’s actions also have a direct impact on the lives of the main characters.
Will Friend’s identity be revealed in 20th Century Boys?
Yes, Friend’s true identity is revealed as the story progresses. The revelation of Friend’s identity is a major plot twist and central mystery in the series, creating a sense of suspense and intrigue as readers and characters try to uncover the truth.