Original Name レヴィ
Romaji Name Revy
Nicknames Two Hands
Series Black Lagoon
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Revy, also known as Rebecca, is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists in the manga and anime series “Black Lagoon”. She is a highly skilled gunfighter and a member of the Lagoon Company, known for her exceptional combat skills and proficiency with firearms. This article provides an overview of Revy’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.

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Revy is portrayed as a merciless and sadistic killer with no conscience. She has a volatile and ill-tempered nature, often resorting to brute force and coercion to achieve her goals. Unlike some of her companions, Revy does not hesitate to kill unarmed civilians if provoked. She takes pleasure in violence and shows no remorse for her actions. Revy is highly competitive and easily bored, always seeking excitement and adrenaline rushes. Despite her aggressive nature, she has shown a protective side toward her comrades, especially Rock, and has even saved him from life-threatening situations.


Revy’s past is shrouded in mystery, with only fragments of her history revealed throughout the series. She was born and raised in Chinatown, Manhattan, near Mott Street, where she spent her youth involved in criminal activities as a thief and murderer. Flashbacks suggest that she honed her firearms skills by shooting at cans, and that her first murder was the shooting of her own father, whom she was fed up with. The details surrounding these events are limited, leaving much of Revy’s background open to interpretation.


Revy is portrayed as a young woman with a distinctive appearance. She has long, dark hair and typically wears a black tank top, denim shorts, and combat boots. Her arms are covered in elaborate tattoos, and she often carries a pair of modified Beretta 92FS pistols as her signature weapons. Revy’s overall appearance reflects her tough and rebellious nature.


Revy is known for her exceptional combat skills, making her one of the deadliest fighters in the series. She has remarkable agility and reflexes, allowing her to dodge bullets and perform acrobatic maneuvers in combat. Revy’s marksmanship is unparalleled, and she demonstrates ambidextrous shooting skills, earning her the nickname “Two Hands”. Her weapon of choice is a pair of modified Beretta 92FS pistols with extended barrels and silencer adaptors. Revy’s proficiency with firearms and her ability to dispatch enemies with deadly precision contribute to her fearsome reputation.


Revy originated in the fictional world of “Black Lagoon” created by Rei Hiroe. The character was introduced in the manga series and later appeared in the anime adaptation. Revy’s portrayal and development throughout the series contribute to the overarching narrative and themes explored in “Black Lagoon,” including the gritty underworld of crime, violence, and the moral complexities of its characters.

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Revy – FAQ

Who is Revy in “Black Lagoon”?

Revy, whose real name is Rebecca Lee, is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Black Lagoon”. She is a Chinese-American woman and a member of the Lagoon Company, a group of pirates and smugglers based in the fictional city of Roanapur, Thailand.

What are Revy’s skills and abilities?

Revy is a highly skilled and deadly markswoman. She is proficient with a variety of firearms and is known for her exceptional accuracy and speed. Revy is particularly skilled in close combat and is adept at using two pistols simultaneously, earning her the nickname “Two Hands”. She is also a skilled knife fighter and has received training in hand-to-hand combat.

What is Revy’s personality like?

Revy has a volatile and aggressive personality. She is often hot-headed, impulsive, and prone to violent outbursts. Revy has a dark and troubled past that has made her a cynical and jaded individual. She has a strong dislike of authority and a tendency to solve problems with violence. However, beneath her tough exterior, Revy is shown to have moments of vulnerability and compassion, especially when it comes to her relationships with her comrades.

What is Revy’s role in the Lagoon Company?

Revy serves as one of the main fighters and gunmen for Lagoon Company. Her skill with firearms makes her an invaluable member of the team during their various criminal activities, which include smuggling, piracy, and mercenary work. Revy often participates in the company’s dangerous missions and is known for her fearless and relentless approach to combat.

What is Revy’s relationship to Rock?

Rock, whose real name is Rokuro Okajima, is another main character in “Black Lagoon” and initially joins the Lagoon Company as a hostage. Revy and Rock have a complex relationship that evolves over the course of the series. Initially, they clash due to their contrasting personalities and ideologies. Revy is often frustrated by Rock’s more diplomatic approach, while Rock is disturbed by Revy’s propensity for violence. Over time, however, they develop a mutual respect and understanding, with Revy even showing glimpses of a romantic interest in Rock.

Does Revy have any notable conflicts or antagonists?

Revy has several notable conflicts and antagonists throughout the series. One of her most prominent adversaries is Dutch, the leader of the Lagoon Company, with whom she often has heated exchanges and disagreements. Revy also frequently clashes with various criminal organizations and individuals, including the Hong Kong Triads and the Russian Mafia. Her confrontations with these adversaries often involve intense gunplay and brutality.