Kyouka Jirou

Japanese Name 耳郎 響香
Romaji Name Kyouka Jirou
Nicknames Earphone Jack
Series Boku no Hero Academia
Age 15
Weight N/A
Height 154cm (5’0″)
Date of Birth August 1
Blood Type N/A


Kyouka Jirou, also known as Earphone Jack, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Boku no Hero Academia” (also known as “My Hero Academia”). She is a student at U.A. High School, where she is training to become a professional hero. Kyouka is known for her cool and calm demeanor, often portraying a relaxed and somewhat aloof personality. She is generally soft-spoken and prefers to observe her surroundings, but can be quite direct and assertive when necessary.


Kyouka Jirou was born on August 1st and is 15 years old. She enrolled in U.A. High School, one of the most prestigious hero academies in the world, with the goal of becoming a hero. Kyouka has a quirk called Earphone Jack, which allows her to plug her earlobes, which act as earphone jacks, into objects. This allows her to listen to sounds from afar or transmit the sound of her own heartbeat. Due to her quirk, Kyouka has long earlobes, which have become her distinctive physical feature.


Kyouka Jirou is a petite and fair-skinned girl with a height of 154 cm (5’0″). She has short, black hair with purple highlights, which she often wears in a messy bob. Her most distinctive feature is her long earlobes, which she can use as earphone jacks. Kyouka is often seen wearing the standard U.A. High School uniform, consisting of a white shirt, a navy blue blazer with gold buttons, a red tie, and a matching pleated skirt.


Kyouka’s quirk, Earphone Jack, gives her the ability to listen to sounds from a distance and transmit sound waves through her earlobes. She can use her quirk to amplify sounds, allowing her to hear even the slightest sounds and vibrations. Kyouka can also use her earlobes as weapons by inserting them into solid objects and channeling vibrations into them, turning them into powerful sonic attacks. Her quirk gives her an advantage in combat situations, as she can both gather information and engage in close combat with her unique abilities.


Kyouka Jirou was created by Kōhei Horikoshi for the “Boku no Hero Academia” manga series. She made her first appearance in chapter 4 of the manga and later appeared in the anime adaptation, gaining popularity among fans of the series. Kyouka’s character development revolves around her growth as a hero and her journey to realize the full potential of her quirk. Throughout the series, she faces various challenges and participates in intense battles alongside her classmates, demonstrating her determination and bravery.

Kyouka Jirou – FAQ

Who is Kyouka Jirou?

Kyouka Jirou is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Boku no Hero Academia”, also known as “My Hero Academia”. She is a student at U.A. High School, the prestigious school for aspiring heroes.

What is Kyouka Jirou’s quirk?

Kyouka Jirou’s quirk is called “Earphone Jack”. It allows her to plug her earlobes into any object and channel the sound through her body, effectively turning her into a living loudspeaker. This gives her enhanced hearing and the ability to fire powerful sound waves as a weapon.

What is Kyouka Jirou’s personality like?

Kyouka Jirou is portrayed as cool and level-headed. She is often seen as mature and composed, and has a no-nonsense attitude. Despite her tough exterior, she cares deeply for her friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

What is Kyouka Jirou’s role in “Boku no Hero Academia”?

Kyouka Jirou is one of the main characters in Boku no Hero Academia. She is a member of Class 1-A, the hero class, and plays an important role in various story arcs. She is known for her musical talents and her fighting skills, which make her a valuable asset in battles.

Does Kyouka Jirou have any significant relationships?

Kyouka Jirou has close relationships with several characters in Boku no Hero Academia. She is good friends with the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, and often interacts with her classmates, including Ochaco Uraraka and Momo Yaoyorozu. She is also known for her close relationship with Denki Kaminari, with whom she often forms a comedy duo.

Did Kyouka Jirou face any major challenges?

Throughout the series, Kyouka Jirou has faced various challenges and obstacles. One notable challenge she faced was during the U.A. Sports Festival, where she had to compete against other students to prove her skills and rise in the ranks. She also encountered dangerous villains during crucial missions and had to use her skills to defeat them.