Danjuro Tobita

Japanese Name 飛田 弾柔郎
Romaji Name Danjuro Tobita
Nicknames Gentle Criminal
Series Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Danjuro Tobita – The Gentle Criminal of Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season

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Danjuro Tobita, better known as the Gentle Criminal, is a character from the popular anime series “Boku no Hero Academia” and serves as the main antagonist during the U.A. Cultural Festival arc. Despite being a villain, Danjuro has a unique and somewhat contradictory personality. He is polite, well-mannered, and carries himself with a certain elegance, in keeping with his alias, the Gentle Criminal. Even when committing criminal acts, he maintains his polite demeanor and manipulates circumstances to suit his desires.


Not much is known about Danjuro Tobita’s early life or background. However, it is known that he once aspired to be a hero. Unfortunately, he failed to qualify for the necessary training to become a Pro Hero. This setback led him down a different path, and he eventually turned to a life of villainy. However, Danjuro’s motivations and the events that led him to this path remain largely undisclosed.


Danjuro Tobita is a tall, slender man with a distinctive appearance. He is often recognized by his well-groomed mustache, which adds to his sophisticated aura. His attire is stylish and refined, consisting of a suit, top hat, and cape. Danjuro’s appearance reflects his desire to present himself as a gentleman, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining an air of elegance even in his criminal activities.


While Danjuro Tobita lacks the superhuman abilities of many characters in the Boku no Hero Academia universe, he does possess extraordinary abilities that make him a formidable opponent. His primary ability is called “Elasticity”, which allows him to manipulate the surface tension of objects, making them elastic or bouncy. This power allows Danjuro to create platforms and surfaces that aid in his acrobatics and escape maneuvers.


Danjuro Tobita’s origin and the events that shaped his life as a Gentle Criminal are presented in the U.A. Cultural Festival Arc of “Boku no Hero Academia. He emerges as a prominent antagonist in this arc, targeting the U.A. High School Cultural Festival with the intention of making a name for himself. Danjuro’s motivations for his criminal acts and his desire to gain recognition and fame for his exploits are explored throughout the arc, providing insight into his character and driving his actions.

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Danjuro Tobita – FAQ

Who is Danjuro Tobita in “Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season”?

Danjuro Tobita, also known as Gentle Criminal, is a character introduced in the fourth season of the anime “Boku no Hero Academia”. He is a villain with a YouTube channel who aspires to become a famous criminal.

What is Gentle Criminal’s quirk?

Gentle Criminal’s quirk is called “Elasticity”. It allows him to manipulate the elasticity of both his body and the objects around him. He can make his body elastic, giving him increased agility and the ability to bounce and stretch. He can also apply elasticity to objects, causing them to bounce or change shape.

What are Gentle Criminal’s motivations?

Gentle Criminal’s main motivation is to gain recognition as a notorious villain. He believes that society has failed to appreciate the beauty of his “gentle” crimes and wants to leave a lasting impression on the world. He is willing to commit daring and eye-catching criminal acts to achieve his goals.

Does Gentle Criminal have any allies?

Gentle Criminal has a partner by the name of La Brava. La Brava is a young woman who is deeply in love with Gentle Criminal and provides him with emotional support. She has a quirk called “Love” that allows her to increase someone’s power by touching them and professing her love.

How does Gentle Criminal affect the events of “Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season”?

Gentle Criminal becomes a major antagonist in the fourth season of Boku no Hero Academia. He plans to infiltrate the U.A. High School Cultural Festival to stage his grand criminal act and gain widespread attention. His actions lead to a confrontation with the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), and other U.A. students.

Does Gentle Criminal have any redeeming qualities?

Although Gentle Criminal is portrayed as a villain, he does have some redeeming qualities. He has a strong sense of showmanship and believes in pursuing one’s dreams. He also shows genuine concern for his partner, La Brava, and appreciates her support and affection.