Celty Sturluson

Original Name セルティ・ストゥルルソン
Romaji Name Celty Sturluson
Nicknames The Black Rider, The Headless Rider
Series Durarara!!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Celty Sturluson is a prominent character in the anime and light novel series “Durarara! Also known as “The Black Rider” or “The Headless Rider”, Celty is a Dullahan, a mythological creature from Celtic lore. She plays a central role in the story as a mysterious and enigmatic figure.


Celty Sturluson has a complex and multifaceted personality. Though headless, she displays a strong sense of determination and resilience. She is driven by her search for her stolen head, which contains a significant portion of her memories and identity. Celty is often portrayed as calm and collected, maintaining a level-headed demeanor even in intense situations. She is compassionate towards others and is known for her willingness to help those in need. However, Celty also harbors a certain amount of insecurity and uncertainty, particularly regarding her feelings for Shinra Kishitani, with whom she shares a close bond.


Not much is known of Celty Sturluson’s early life. She is originally from Ireland and has traveled to Japan in search of her stolen head. Once in Japan, she becomes involved in the underground world of Ikebukuro and forms a relationship with Shinra Kishitani, a talented underground doctor. Celty eventually settles in Ikebukuro and works as an underground porter, using her unique abilities to navigate the city’s complex landscape.


Celty Sturluson’s most distinctive feature is her lack of a head. Instead, she wears a helmet to conceal her headless state and communicates with others through a PDA device. When seen without her helmet, her head is revealed to have auburn hair and green eyes. Celty often wears a black bodysuit with a long black cape to conceal her identity. She rides a motorcycle that is actually a disguised horse, adding to her mysterious appearance.


As a Dullahan, Celty Sturluson possesses several supernatural abilities. She has incredible physical strength that exceeds that of an average human, though not at the level of Shizuo Heiwajima, another prominent character in the series known for his superhuman strength. Celty can also manipulate a shadow-like, durable substance to create various objects, ranging from simple items such as gloves to more complex constructs such as chariots. Her ability to quickly traverse the city on her horse-motorcycle hybrid allows her to effectively fulfill her role as an underground doorman.


Celty Sturluson is inspired by Celtic mythology, specifically the concept of the Dullahan. In Celtic lore, the Dullahan is a headless horseman who is said to appear as an omen of death. Celty’s character embodies this mythological archetype, but her portrayal in “Durarara!” adds depth and complexity to her story. She serves as a symbol of mystery and intrigue within the series, and the search for her stolen head becomes a central plot point that drives the story forward.

Celty Sturluson – FAQ

Who is Celty Sturluson?

Celty Sturluson is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “Durarara! She is a Dullahan, a headless fairy from Irish mythology, who has come to Tokyo in search of her missing head.

What are Celty’s abilities?

Celty has several unique abilities. She can manipulate shadows to create solid constructs and use them for transportation. She can also move at incredible speeds and is skilled in melee combat. She also has the ability to communicate telepathically and read other people’s minds.

Why is Celty looking for her head?

Celty is looking for her head because it was stolen. Without her head, she cannot recover her memories or understand her true identity. Finding her head is crucial to Celty as it holds the key to her past and her purpose in the world.

What is Celty’s personality like?

Celty is generally portrayed as a calm and level-headed character. She is kindhearted and cares deeply for her friends, often going out of her way to help them. Despite her intimidating appearance, Celty is actually quite gentle and compassionate. She can also be quite curious about the human world as she navigates her way through Tokyo’s bustling city life.

Does Celty have any weaknesses?

While Celty has impressive abilities, she also has a weakness. Her weakness is her search for her head, which makes her vulnerable to those who would exploit her or use her for their own gain. In addition, her headless nature sometimes leaves her feeling incomplete and unsure of her own identity.

What is Celty’s relationship to the other characters in “Durarara!”?

Celty has several relationships with other characters in the series. She is particularly close to Shinra Kishitani, a young underground doctor who becomes her love interest. She also develops friendships with Mikado Ryugamine, Anri Sonohara, and other residents of Ikebukuro. Throughout the series, Celty’s interactions with these characters play a significant role in her personal growth and development.