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High School DxD

Koneko Toujou

Japanese Name 塔城 小猫 Romaji Name Toujou Koneko Nicknames Kitten Series High School DxD Age Unknown (Appears as a first-year student) Weight 31 kg (68 lbs) Height 138 cm (4′ 6″) Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Personality Koneko Toujou is a character from the anime and light novel series “High School DxD”. Initially, […]

Akeno Himejima

Original Name 姫島 朱乃 Romaji Name Himejima Akeno Nicknames Priestess of Thunder and LightVestal of ThunderQueen of the Gremory Group Series High School DxD Age Third-year student Weight 54 kg (119 lbs) Height 168 cm (5’6″) Date of Birth July 21 Blood Type Not specified Akeno Himejima Akeno Himejima is a fictional character from the […]

Rias Gremory

Japanese Name リアス・グレモリー Romaji Name Rias Guremorī Nicknames Buchou (President), Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess, Princess of Destruction, Switch Princess Series High School DxD Age 18 Weight 58 kg (128 lbs) Height 172 cm (5’8″) Date of Birth April 9 Blood Type Unknown Rias Gremory is a fictional character from the popular light novel, anime, and manga […]