Koneko Toujou

Japanese Name 塔城 小猫
Romaji Name Toujou Koneko
Nicknames Kitten
Series High School DxD
Age Unknown (Appears as a first-year student)
Weight 31 kg (68 lbs)
Height 138 cm (4′ 6″)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Koneko Toujou is a character from the anime and light novel series “High School DxD”. Initially, Koneko had a quiet and cold personality, often showing little emotion and rarely speaking. Her serious demeanor was influenced by her sister, Kuroka, and was in stark contrast to her sister’s mischievous nature. She was known for her straightforward and blunt nature, often rebuking the protagonist, Issei, for his perverted behavior.
However, as the series progresses, Koneko’s personality evolves significantly. She begins to open up more and show a wider range of emotions, thanks to the support and care she receives from her friends, especially Rias Gremory, the leader of the Occult Research Club. Koneko becomes more compassionate, loyal, and protective of those she cares about, and her interactions with Issei become more friendly and affectionate.


Koneko Toujou, whose birth name is Shirone, is a young Nekomata, a rare species known as Nekoshou. She was born to a human father and a Nekomata mother named Fujimai. Unfortunately, her father, a scientist, did not recognize her and instead used her for experiments. Tragically, both of Koneko’s parents died in an accident related to these experiments.
After their deaths, Koneko and her older sister, Kuroka, were taken in by an unnamed devil from the branch family of the House of Naberius. Kuroka was later reincarnated as a member of the Devil’s peerage. However, Kuroka’s power as a nekomata became uncontrollable, leading her to kill her master and become a stray devil on the run.
Koneko, on the other hand, was to be used in the Devil’s research to create a Super Devil. To protect her younger sister, Kuroka killed the devil and fled with Koneko. The incident left Koneko deeply traumatized, leading to a loss of emotion and depression.
Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satans, intervened and saved Koneko from being executed by the devils. He entrusted her to the care of Rias Gremory, where she found solace and support, and gradually recovered from her emotional trauma.


Koneko Toujou is a petite girl with white hair and striking golden eyes. She has a small and delicate frame, standing at a height of 138 cm (4′ 6″) and weighing 31 kg (68 lbs). Her body measurements are recorded as B67-W57-H73 cm (B26-W22-H29 in).
Koneko’s appearance reflects her Nekomata heritage, with her white hair and cat-like eyes. She often wears the standard Kuoh Academy uniform of a white blouse, black ribbon, and plaid skirt. Her hair is styled in a bob, with two small strands framing her face.


As a Nekomata, Koneko possesses several unique abilities. Her primary power lies in her physical strength and agility, which she uses in combat. She is known for her exceptional speed and reflexes, allowing her to engage in fast-paced combat and effortlessly dodge enemy attacks.
In addition, Koneko possesses the ability to manipulate demonic energy, which she can channel through her body to enhance her physical abilities. This energy, known as “Senjutsu,” gives her increased strength, endurance, and regenerative powers. She can also manifest her demonic energy externally, allowing her to perform powerful attacks.
Koneko also has the ability to transform into her Nekomata form, which gives her increased strength and feline features such as cat ears and a tail. In this form, her physical abilities are further enhanced, making her even more formidable in battle.


Koneko Toujou’s character originates from the “High School DxD” light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The series was later adapted into an anime, where Koneko gained popularity among fans for her unique personality and appealing character design.
In the fictional world of High School DxD, Koneko is introduced as a freshman at Kuoh Academy and a member of the Occult Research Club led by Rias Gremory. The series explores her personal growth, her relationships with her friends and classmates, and her involvement in supernatural battles against various enemies.
Koneko Toujou’s character development and her journey from a reserved and emotionally repressed individual to a more expressive and compassionate person make her a beloved and significant character in the High School DxD universe.

Koneko Toujou – FAQ

Who is Koneko Toujou in “High School DxD”?

Koneko Toujou is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “High School DxD”. She is a second year student at Kuoh Academy and a member of the Occult Research Club. Koneko is a Nekomata, a type of demon that takes the form of a cat girl. She has superhuman strength and agility.

What are Koneko Toujou’s personality traits?

Koneko Toujou is known for her quiet, reserved, and stoic personality. She rarely shows her emotions and tends to keep to herself. Due to her troubled past, she has difficulty trusting others and struggles with social interactions. Deep down, however, she cares deeply for her friends and is fiercely loyal to them.

What is Koneko Toujou’s role in the story?

Koneko Toujou is one of the main characters in “High School DxD” and plays an important role in the story. She joins the Occult Research Club, led by the protagonist Issei Hyoudou, and becomes an important member of the team. Koneko contributes her martial arts skills and assists in various battles against supernatural beings.

What are Koneko Toujou’s skills and powers?

Koneko Toujou possesses several unique abilities and powers as a Nekomata. She has increased strength, speed, and agility, allowing her to engage in close combat with formidable opponents. Koneko can also create Senjutsu barriers to defend herself and others. In addition, she has the ability to use her Senjutsu Fangs to drain the life force from her enemies.

What is Koneko Toujou’s backstory?

In High School DxD, Koneko Toujou has a tragic past. She and her older sister Kuroka were abandoned by their parents because of their Nekomata heritage. They were then captured by a group of humans and experimented on, resulting in Kuroka’s death. Koneko was later rescued by Rias Gremory’s family and joined the Occult Research Club.

Does Koneko Toujou have any unique characteristics or quirks?

Yes, Koneko Toujou does have some unique characteristics. She often communicates in short and simple sentences and rarely shows much emotion. Her small stature and youthful appearance also make her the butt of jokes and teasing from other characters. She also has a fondness for cats and enjoys spending time with them.