Miku Hatsune

Original Name 初音ミク
Romaji Name Hatsune Miku
Nicknames “Michaela”, “Girl of the Kingdom of Green”, “Platonic”, “Mikulia Greeonio”, “Mirai”
Series Downloader
Age 16
Weight 42 kg (92.4 lbs)
Height 158 cm (5’2″)
Date of Birth August 31
Blood Type Unknown

Miku Hatsune from “Downloader

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Miku Hatsune from the anime series “Downloader” is a lively and energetic character with a cheerful and optimistic personality. She is known for her playful and mischievous nature, always bringing a sense of fun and excitement to those around her. Miku is friendly and outgoing, easily making friends and connecting with others through her passion for music.


Miku Hatsune, also known as “Girl of the Kingdom of Green” and “Michaela”, is a virtual singer and the first installment in the Vocaloid2 character vocal series by Crypton Future Media. She was released on August 31, 2007, and quickly gained popularity due to her unique voice and ability to create J-pop songs commonly heard in anime.
Nico Nico Douga played a significant role in Miku’s recognition and popularity. Users of the platform began posting videos of songs created with Miku’s software, showcasing her versatility in creating multimedia content. As her fame grew, Miku became a symbol of collaborative creativity, with users creating illustrations, animations, and remixes based on her popular songs.


Miku Hatsune has become an iconic character in the world of anime and virtual idols. She is known for her distinctive appearance, which includes long turquoise hair styled in twin tails and bright blue eyes. Miku often wears a futuristic and stylish outfit consisting of a sleeveless top, arm-length gloves, a pleated skirt, thigh-high boots, and a necktie. Her design has inspired countless cosplayers and fans to emulate her unique style.


As a virtual singer, Miku Hatsune has the ability to create and perform songs. Her voice was created by sampling the voice of Saki Fujita, a Japanese voice actress. Miku’s software is specifically tuned to create J-pop songs, but it is also possible to create songs from other genres.
Miku’s popularity has led to numerous collaborations and performances in both virtual and real concerts. She has appeared on stages around the world, captivating audiences with her energetic and captivating performances.


Miku Hatsune originated from the Vocaloid software developed by Crypton Future Media. The software uses voice synthesis technology to create songs based on user input. Miku’s character and voice were designed specifically for the Vocaloid2 software, and her name was chosen to represent her as the “first sound from the future.
Since her release, Miku has become a cultural phenomenon, transcending her virtual origins to become a symbol of creativity and innovation in the music industry. She has inspired countless fan creations, including fan art, cosplay, and remixes, and has become an influential figure in the world of virtual idols.

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Miku Hatsune – FAQ

Who is Miku Hatsune?

Miku Hatsune is a virtual pop star created by Crypton Future Media. She is a vocaloid, a singing synthesizer application, and has gained immense popularity in Japan and worldwide.

How was Miku Hatsune created?

Miku Hatsune was created using Yamaha Corporation’s Vocaloid software. She was designed to have a 16-year-old female persona, and her voice was sampled from Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita.

What kind of music does Miku Hatsune sing?

Miku Hatsune is known for singing various genres of music, including pop, rock, electronic and dance. Her versatility allows her to adapt to different musical styles and collaborate with a wide range of artists.

Is Miku Hatsune available for live concerts?

Yes, Miku Hatsune can perform live concerts using holographic technology. These concerts feature a 3D projection of Miku on stage, synchronized with her vocaloid singing. She has performed numerous concerts in Japan and around the world.

Does Miku Hatsune have a fan base?

Yes, Miku Hatsune has a dedicated and passionate fanbase known as “Miku fans” or “Mikufans”. They actively support her music, attend concerts, create fan art, and participate in online communities centered around Miku Hatsune.

Can I create my own songs with Miku Hatsune’s voice?

Yes, you can create your own songs using Miku Hatsune’s voice by using the Vocaloid software and her voice banks. There are different versions and libraries available for purchase that allow you to compose and produce music using Miku’s voice.