Leorio Paladiknight

Japanese Name レオリオ=パラディナイト
Romaji Name Leorio Paradinaito
Nicknames Boar
Series Hunter x Hunter
Age 19 (beginning); 21 (current)
Weight 85 kg
Height 193 cm
Date of Birth March 3
Blood Type O

Leorio Paladiknight is a fictional character from the popular anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter”. He is a main character in the series and plays a significant role throughout the story. In this article, we will explore Leorio Paladiknight’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.


Leorio Paladiknight is portrayed as a compassionate and determined individual. He has a strong sense of justice and a deep desire to help those in need. Leorio’s goal in becoming a Hunter is to acquire wealth and resources that will allow him to pursue a career in medicine and provide medical treatment to those who cannot afford it. Despite his brash and sometimes rude demeanor, he has a kind heart and a strong loyalty to his friends, often displaying a selfless and protective nature.


Before taking the Hunter Exam, Leorio experienced a tragic event in which his close friend died of a curable disease due to a lack of money and medical knowledge. This event deeply affected Leorio and fueled his determination to become a doctor who could help those in need, regardless of their financial situation. To achieve this goal, he decided to take the Hunter’s Exam in order to gain the necessary resources and connections.


Leorio Paladiknight is portrayed as a tall and muscular young man. He has short black hair, small brown eyes, and a crew cut with spikes. He typically wears a dark blue business suit, reflecting his professional aspirations as a doctor. Leorio’s physical appearance conveys a sense of strength and confidence.


In terms of skills, Leorio possesses exceptional negotiation and bargaining skills, allowing him to effectively haggle and persuade others. While he may not possess the same level of combat skills as some of his companions, Leorio is a skilled fighter, using his briefcase and tanto as weapons. He has demonstrated remarkable physical strength, surpassing that of his fellow protagonists, Gon and Kurapika, on several occasions.


The character of Leorio Paladiknight was created by Yoshihiro Togashi, the mangaka behind the “Hunter x Hunter” series. He first appeared in both the manga and anime adaptations of the series. Leorio’s character development and interactions with other characters contribute significantly to the overall narrative of Hunter x Hunter, making him an integral part of the story.

Leorio Paladiknight – FAQ

Who is Leorio Paladiknight?

Leorio Paladiknight is a character from the manga and anime series “Hunter x Hunter” created by Yoshihiro Togashi. He is one of the main characters and is initially introduced as a rookie hunter.

What are Leorio’s main characteristics?

Leorio is known for his tall stature, muscular build, and short black hair. He often wears a suit and tie, giving him a more mature appearance than his younger companions. He is also known for his hotheadedness, his strong sense of justice, and his desire to become a doctor.

What is Leorio’s role in the show?

Leorio plays a pivotal role in the series as one of the four main protagonists. He serves as the group’s moral compass and often acts as a mediator in conflicts. While he lacks in combat skills compared to the others, he makes up for it with his intelligence, determination, and medical knowledge.

What are Leorio’s abilities?

Leorio’s primary strength lies in his medical knowledge and ability to heal others. He is also skilled in close combat and can deliver powerful blows. Although he does not possess supernatural abilities such as Nen (a special energy system in the series), Leorio is a skilled fighter and is constantly working to improve his skills.

What are Leorio’s goals in the series?

Leorio’s main goal in Hunter x Hunter is to become a doctor and use his skills to help others. He participates in the Hunter Trials to gain access to the vast resources and opportunities that come with being a Hunter. He also wants to amass wealth to fund his medical education and build hospitals in impoverished areas.

Does Leorio have any important relationships?

Throughout the series, Leorio develops strong friendships with his fellow characters, Gon, Killua, and Kurapika. He often acts as a protective older brother figure to them. Leorio also forms a close bond with his mentor, Chairman Netero, and respects his wisdom and guidance.