Aki Adagaki

Japanese Name 安達垣 愛姫
Romaji Name Adagaki Aki
Nicknames The Brutal Princess, The Cruel Princess
Series Masamune-kun no Revenge
Age 15-16
Weight N/A
Height 162 cm
Date of Birth December 24
Blood Type AB



The complex protagonist of “Masamune no Revenge”.


Aki Adagaki, the main female protagonist of the manga series “Masamune-kun no Revenge,” is a character with a complex personality. Known as “The Brutal Princess” and “The Cruel Princess,” Aki is a wealthy and beautiful girl who has a reputation for treating boys badly. She has the unique talent of giving each boy who asks her out a mocking and distinctive nickname. Aki’s behavior stems from her deep-seated trust issues and her desire to protect herself from potential heartbreak. Despite her tough exterior, Aki is a complex character who undergoes significant character development throughout the series.


Aki Adagaki’s background is gradually revealed throughout the story. It is revealed that she was abandoned by Masamune Makabe, the male protagonist, when they were children. This abandonment affected Aki deeply, causing her to develop trust issues and a desire for revenge. She carries emotional scars from this experience and is determined to find the truth behind Masamune’s disappearance.


Aki Adagaki is portrayed as a stunning young girl with a commanding presence. Standing at a height of 162 cm, she has striking blue eyes and long black hair (blue in the anime adaptation). Aki’s physical appearance adds to her allure and reinforces her reputation as a beautiful and aloof princess.


While Aki Adagaki does not possess any supernatural abilities, her greatest strength lies in her ability to manipulate others through her sharp wit and cutting remarks. She has a knack for taunting and belittling boys who show interest in her, using her talent for wordplay to create unique and often humiliating nicknames for them. This talent, combined with her beauty, further solidifies her status as a formidable character in the series.


Aki Adagaki originates from the manga series “Masamune-kun no Revenge” written by Hazuki Takeoka and illustrated by Tiv. The series follows the story of Masamune Makabe, who seeks revenge against Aki for her past mistreatment of him. Aki’s character development throughout the series explores her past, her complex emotions, and the gradual unraveling of her guarded personality.

Aki Adagaki – FAQ

Who is Aki Adagaki?

Aki Adagaki is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Masamune no Revenge”, written by Hazuki Takeoka and illustrated by Tiv. She is one of the main characters and serves as the main love interest of the protagonist, Masamune Makabe.

What is Aki Adagaki’s personality like?

Aki Adagaki comes across as cold, arrogant and vindictive at first. She holds a grudge against boys due to a childhood incident and has earned the nickname “Cruel Princess” for her harsh treatment of others. However, as the story progresses, her true personality and vulnerabilities are revealed, revealing a more complex and multifaceted character.

What is Aki Adagaki’s role in “Masamune no Revenge”?

Aki Adagaki plays a central role in the story as the target of Masamune Makabe’s revenge plot. Masamune, who was humiliated by Aki in the past, wants to make her fall in love with him and then reject her as a form of revenge. However, as they spend more time together, their relationship evolves and Aki becomes a key figure in Masamune’s personal growth and emotional development.

Does Aki Adagaki have any redeeming qualities?

Despite her initially harsh demeanor, Aki Adagaki has several redeeming qualities. She is intelligent, independent, and fiercely loyal to her friends. As the series progresses, it becomes clear that her cold exterior is a defense mechanism to protect herself from being hurt, and she gradually opens up to those around her.

Will Aki Adagaki undergo character development?

Yes, Aki Adagaki undergoes significant character development throughout the series. As she spends more time with Masamune and other characters, her perspective on relationships and trust begins to change. She begins to question her own prejudices and learns to let go of her resentments, eventually discovering her true feelings and embracing her vulnerability.

Does Aki Adagaki return Masamune’s feelings?

As the story progresses, Aki Adagaki develops romantic feelings for Masamune Makabe. At first, she is unaware of his revenge plot and genuinely falls in love with him. However, their complex relationship encounters various obstacles and misunderstandings, creating both emotional highs and lows throughout the series.