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Shinichi Okazaki

Japanese Name 岡崎 真一 Romaji Name Okazaki Shinichi Nicknames Shin Series Nana Age 15 Weight 50 kg Height 164 cm Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type AB Shinichi Okazaki from “Nana Personality Shinichi Okazaki, also known as Shin, is a complex character with a unique personality. Despite his young age of 15, he displays […]

Nana Komatsu

Original Name 小松 奈々 Romaji Name Komatsu Nana Nicknames Hachi, Hachiko Series Nana Age Unknown Weight 46 kg Height 158 cm Date of Birth November 30, 1980 Blood Type Unknown Nana Komatsu from “Nana”: A Closer Look Personality Nana Komatsu, also known as Hachi or Hachiko, is a main character in the anime series “Nana”. […]

Nana Osaki

Original Name 大崎 ナナ Romaji Name Osaki Nana Nicknames Nana-chan, Nana O. Series Nana Age Varies throughout the series Weight 43 kg (95 lbs.) Height 162 cm (5’4″) Date of Birth March 5, 1981 Blood Type Unknown Nana Osaki is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Nana”. She serves as one of […]