Shinichi Okazaki

Japanese Name 岡崎 真一
Romaji Name Okazaki Shinichi
Nicknames Shin
Series Nana
Age 15
Weight 50 kg
Height 164 cm
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type AB

Shinichi Okazaki from “Nana


Shinichi Okazaki, also known as Shin, is a complex character with a unique personality. Despite his young age of 15, he displays a maturity beyond his years. Shin is portrayed as a reserved and introspective individual. He often keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself, making him somewhat of a mystery to those around him.
Shin has a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty to his friends and bandmates. He is dedicated to his role as the bassist of Blast, a punk band, and takes his musical career seriously. Despite his reserved nature, Shin is a reliable and dedicated member of the band and contributes to their success.


Shin’s background is characterized by a dysfunctional family life. Born in Sweden, he left home and abandoned his original family name due to the tumultuous relationships within his family. This decision shaped his journey and led him to Tokyo where he became a member of Blast.
In addition to his musical pursuits, Shin also moonlights as a male prostitute. This aspect of his life adds layers of complexity to his character and reflects the challenges he faces in his personal life. Shin’s encounters with various clients, such as Reira and Ryouko, have a significant impact on his growth and development throughout the series.


Shinichi Okazaki has a distinct appearance that sets him apart from the other characters in “Nana”. He stands 164 cm tall and has a lean and slender physique. With his youthful features and blond hair, Shin’s appearance exudes a sense of innocence and vulnerability.
His clothing choices often reflect his punk rock style, with leather jackets, band t-shirts, and ripped jeans being staples of his wardrobe. Shin’s fashion sense reflects his rebellious nature and is in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the punk subculture.


While Shin is best known for his talent as a bassist, he has other notable abilities. One of his most notable skills is his ability to play mahjong, a traditional Chinese tile-based game. Shin’s expertise in mahjong demonstrates his strategic thinking and attention to detail.
In addition, Shin’s experience as a male prostitute has given him a unique understanding of human nature and the complexities of relationships. This insight allows him to navigate interpersonal dynamics and provide emotional support to those around him, especially his bandmates.


Shinichi Okazaki’s origin story begins in Sweden, where he was born. However, the details of his early life are relatively unknown. The decision to leave home and family behind to pursue a career in music led him to Tokyo, where he became an integral part of the punk band Blast.
Shin’s journey from a troubled past to finding his place in the music scene demonstrates his resilience and determination. His story highlights the transformative power of music and how individuals can forge their own path despite the challenges they face.

Shinichi Okazaki – FAQ

Who is Shinichi Okazaki in “Nana”?

Shinichi Okazaki is a fictional character in the manga and anime series “Nana” created by Ai Yazawa. He is one of the main characters and a member of the punk rock band Blast.

What is Shinichi’s role in the band Blast?

Shinichi is the bass player of the band Blast. He plays a crucial role in providing the band’s signature sound and contributes to their overall musical style.

What is Shinichi’s personality like?

Shinichi is often described as quiet, reserved and somewhat mysterious. He has a calm and collected demeanor that contrasts with the more energetic and impulsive members of the band. He is known for his deep emotional sensitivity and introspective nature.

What is the relationship between Shinichi and Reira Serizawa?

Shinichi and Reira Serizawa, the vocalist of Trapnest, have a complex relationship throughout the series. They share a close bond and a deep understanding of each other, often turning to each other for comfort and support. Their relationship evolves from friendship to a deep emotional connection, complicated by external circumstances and personal struggles.

Does Shinichi have a romantic relationship with the other main characters?

While Shinichi’s bond with Reira is significant, he also develops romantic feelings for Nana Osaki, the lead singer of Blast and the protagonist of the series. However, their relationship faces numerous obstacles and challenges, making their romantic involvement complicated and often tense.

What are some significant events involving Shinichi in “Nana”?

Shinichi’s character experiences several significant events throughout the series. These include his struggles with his own personal demons, his emotional journey in navigating relationships with Reira and Nana, and the impact of the music industry on his life and aspirations.