Japanese Name
Romaji Name Shiro
Series No Game No Life
Age 11
Weight 38 kg
Height 4’7″ (140cm)
Date of Birth December 12
Blood Type

Shiro (No Game No Life)

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Shiro, a main character in the anime and light novel series “No Game No Life,” is an 11-year-old NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) genius with exceptional gaming skills. She is described as a logical and problem-solving genius who is able to strategize and outwit opponents in various games. However, Shiro struggles with understanding emotions and social behavior, and relies on her stepbrother Sora for guidance in these areas. Despite her intellectual brilliance, she often communicates in short, concise sentences and rarely shows emotion on her face. Shiro has a strong bond with her brother and relies heavily on his presence to feel comfortable. She also has a dry and somewhat twisted sense of humor, and shows signs of jealousy when Sora pays attention to other girls, suggesting a complex relationship between them.


Shiro’s background is mainly explored in the context of the “No Game No Life” series. She is introduced as a member of the gaming duo known as 『』 (Blank or Kuuhaku), along with her stepbrother Sora. Shiro and Sora are known for their unbeatable gaming skills, often challenging and defeating opponents in various games, including chess. Their reputation as formidable gamers attracts the attention of Tet, the god of games, who transports them to the world of Disboard, where all conflicts are resolved through games. In this new world, Shiro and Sora must conquer the sixteen ruling species and challenge the god Tet himself.


Shiro has a distinctive appearance, characterized by her white hair that transitions to light blue with yellow and green tips. In the anime adaptation, her hair is depicted as white and pale blue with very light sea green tips. She has striking red eyes with golden pupils, adding to her unique appearance. Physically, Shiro is 4’7″ (140 cm) tall and weighs approximately 38 kg.


Shiro possesses exceptional cognitive and gaming skills, making her an invaluable asset to the Blank gaming duo. Her prodigious intellect allows her to analyze and strategize games with ease, often predicting her opponents’ moves well in advance. Shiro’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills give her a distinct advantage in various game scenarios. She excels at games that require strategic planning, deduction, and mathematical calculations. In addition, her exceptional memory allows her to retain vast amounts of information and recall it accurately during the game.


Shiro comes from the light novel series “No Game No Life” written by Yū Kamiya. The series was later adapted into an anime and gained popularity among fans of the isekai (otherworldly) genre. Shiro’s character development and her unique relationship with her stepbrother Sora have contributed to her popularity among viewers and readers alike.

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Shiro – FAQ

Who is Shiro in “No Game No Life”?

Shiro is one of the main characters in the anime and light novel series “No Game No Life”. She is an 11-year-old gaming genius who, along with her older brother Sora, is transported to a fantasy world ruled by games.

What are Shiro’s special skills?

Shiro possesses exceptional intelligence, memory, and problem-solving skills, making her a master strategist and logician. She excels at various games, including chess, puzzles, and video games. She also has an incredible ability to calculate and analyze probabilities in high-stakes situations.

How does Shiro fit into the story?

Shiro plays a crucial role in the plot of No Game No Life. Her expertise in gaming and strategic thinking complements her brother Sora’s skills, allowing them to excel in the various challenges they face in the fantasy world. Shiro’s intelligence and logical thinking often lead to the duo’s victories in intense game battles.

What is the relationship between Shiro and her brother Sora?

Shiro and Sora have a unique and close sibling relationship. They rely heavily on each other and have an unbreakable trust. Sora acts as Shiro’s protector and mentor, while Shiro supports him with her exceptional intellect. Together, they form an unbeatable team as they conquer various game challenges.

Does Shiro have any weaknesses?

While Shiro possesses exceptional intelligence, she lacks certain social and emotional skills and often struggles with interpersonal relationships. She relies heavily on her brother Sora for emotional support and guidance in these areas. In addition, her young age can sometimes make her vulnerable and easily overwhelmed by certain situations.

What does Shiro look like?

Shiro has a petite and delicate figure with waist-length white hair and striking red eyes. She is often seen wearing a white dress, knee-high socks, and a red ribbon tied around her neck. Her innocent and youthful appearance contrasts with her exceptional intelligence and gaming skills.