Hana Midorikawa

Japanese Name 緑川 花
Romaji Name Midorikawa Hana
Series Prison School
Date of Birth March 3
Blood Type



The Vigilante Secretary of the Underground Student Council


Hana Midorikawa, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Prison School,” is known for her unique personality traits. She is kind, shy, and often seen as reserved, but don’t let her gentle demeanor fool you. Hana has a fierce and violent side that manifests when she’s angry and shows off her karate skills. Despite her occasional outbursts, she is generally a loyal and dependable friend, especially to Mari Kurihara, the president of the Underground Student Council (USC). Hana is also somewhat reserved and easily embarrassed, often fainting or becoming embarrassed in compromising situations.


As a member of the Underground Student Council, Hana Midorikawa is part of a vigilante organization within the prison-like Hachimitsu Academy. She serves as the council’s secretary and assists in their efforts to maintain order and discipline among the male students. Hana’s position on the council reflects her dedication to upholding the rules and values of the school.


Hana is of average height and slim build with a medium bust. Her distinctive features include straw-colored, bobbed hair and warm brown eyes. Despite her slender frame, her karate skills give her athleticism and muscularity. Hana usually wears the standard school uniform of leggings and an undershirt, occasionally wearing underwear when on guard duty.


Hana Midorikawa excels in the discipline of karate, earning her the title of fourth place karate champion in the Inter-High School Championships. Her proficiency in martial arts is evident in her powerful and precise attacks when expressing her anger. Hana’s physical prowess and fighting skills make her a formidable force within the school, capable of defending herself and enforcing the authority of the council.


Hana’s journey in “Prison School” begins as a dedicated member of the Underground Student Council, working alongside Mari Kurihara and other council members to enforce discipline and maintain order within the school. Throughout the series, Hana’s character development revolves around her developing relationship with Kiyoshi Fujino, one of the male students. Over time, Hana develops a crush on Kiyoshi, leading to a complex and sometimes humorous dynamic between them.
Hana Midorikawa, with her combination of kindness, shyness, and martial arts prowess, adds depth and complexity to the world of “Prison School”. Her loyalty, dedication, and occasional outbursts make her a memorable character who leaves a lasting impression on fans of the series. Whether she’s enforcing the rules or dealing with her own personal feelings, Hana Midorikawa’s presence in “Prison School” is certainly an integral part of the story.

Hana Midorikawa – FAQ

Who is Hana Midorikawa?

Hana Midorikawa is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Prison School”. She is one of the main characters and also serves as the secretary of the underground student council at Hachimitsu Academy.

What is Hana Midorikawa’s personality like?

Hana Midorikawa is known for her strict and serious personality. She is disciplined, hardworking, and takes her role as a member of the Underground Student Council very seriously. Hana is also considered to be highly intelligent and has excellent leadership skills.

What is Hana Midorikawa’s role in “Prison School”?

Hana Midorikawa plays an important role in Prison School as a member of the Underground Student Council. She is responsible for enforcing the strict rules and regulations imposed on the male students who are imprisoned in the school’s prison. Often portrayed as a disciplinarian, Hana is determined to maintain order and discipline within the school.

Does Hana Midorikawa have a romantic relationship?

Throughout the series, Hana Midorikawa develops a complex romantic relationship with Kiyoshi Fujino, one of the male students imprisoned in the school’s prison. Their relationship evolves from being antagonistic at first to gradually developing feelings for each other. The romantic subplot between Hana and Kiyoshi adds a layer of tension and drama to the story.

What are some notable moments involving Hana Midorikawa in “Prison School”?

Hana Midorikawa has several memorable moments in “Prison School”. One of the most memorable is the “Urination Gate” incident, where Hana accidentally discovers Kiyoshi’s secret when he tries to urinate in the girls’ bathroom. This incident becomes a recurring source of embarrassment and humor throughout the series. In addition, Hana’s conflicted feelings and emotional struggles regarding her relationship with Kiyoshi are explored in depth, leading to intense and dramatic moments.

Does Hana Midorikawa have any unique traits or abilities?

While Hana Midorikawa does not possess any supernatural abilities, she is portrayed as highly skilled in martial arts and self-defense. She is physically strong and capable of overpowering male characters in combat situations. Hana’s martial arts skills contribute to her authoritative presence and emphasize her role as an enforcer within the Underground Student Council.