Reki Kyan

Original Name 喜屋武 暦
Romaji Name Kyan Reki
Nicknames N/A
Series SK∞ (SK8 the Infinity)
Age 17
Weight 57kg
Height 174cm
Date of Birth August 8
Blood Type O
Talent Skateboarding, woodworking

Reki Kyan from “SK∞”:

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Reki Kyan is a passionate and energetic character with a love for skateboarding. He exudes a positive and upbeat attitude and always approaches life with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. Reki is known for his friendly and outgoing nature, which makes him easily approachable and likeable to those around him. He is also known to be creative and enjoys activities such as drawing and skateboarding. Reki’s determination and perseverance are remarkable, as he constantly strives to improve his skateboarding skills and push his limits.


Reki Kyan is a teenager in his sophomore year of high school. Not much is known about his background, but it is mentioned that he is from Okinawa. Reki’s passion for skateboarding developed at a young age, and he has honed his skills over time. He often participates in the underground skateboard race called “S” and has become a well-known figure in the skateboard community. Reki’s life takes an exciting turn when he befriends Langa Hasegawa and introduces him to the world of skateboarding and the exciting races that await them.


Reki Kyan has a youthful and athletic appearance that matches his passion for skateboarding. He is depicted as a tall and slender teenager, standing 174cm tall and weighing 57kg. Reki has messy light brown hair that falls just above his shoulders and striking blue eyes. His style reflects his vibrant personality, as he is often seen wearing casual and comfortable clothes suitable for skateboarding. Reki’s fashion sense is a mix of streetwear and skate culture, with colorful and eye-catching outfits.


Reki Kyan possesses exceptional skateboarding skills that showcase his talent and passion for the sport. He demonstrates impressive agility, balance, and control while performing various tricks and maneuvers on his skateboard. Reki’s dedication to skateboarding is evident in his constant pursuit of improvement and his willingness to take risks to push the limits of what he can achieve. He also has a knack for designing skateboards that showcase his creativity and craftsmanship.


Reki Kyan comes from the anime series “SK∞” (also known as “SK8 the Infinity”). The series follows Reki’s journey as a skateboarder and his friendship with Langa Hasegawa, a transfer student who becomes his racing partner. Together, they participate in the exhilarating underground skateboard races, seeking victory while forming bonds with fellow skateboarders. Reki’s character development and the challenges he faces throughout the series contribute to the overall narrative and themes of friendship, passion, and self-discovery.

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Reki Kyan – FAQ

Who is Reki Kyan?

Reki Kyan is the main protagonist of the anime series “SK∞” (also known as “SK8 the Infinity”). He is a high school student and an avid skateboarder.

What is Reki’s role in the story?

Reki serves as the main character who discovers a secret underground skateboard race called “S” and becomes deeply involved in the world of competitive skateboarding. He acts as a source of inspiration and motivation for the other characters.

What are Reki’s personality traits?

Reki is known for his energetic and outgoing personality. He is passionate about skateboarding and has a strong sense of determination. He is supportive of his friends and always strives to improve his skills.

Does Reki have any unique skateboarding skills?

Reki may not have any extraordinary supernatural abilities, but he is a skilled skateboarder with a unique style. His creativity and adaptability allow him to perform impressive tricks and maneuvers on his skateboard.

How does Reki’s relationship with Langa Hasegawa develop?

Reki and Langa become close friends and skateboarding partners. Reki serves as a mentor to Langa, teaching him the basics of skateboarding and helping him improve his skills. Their bond grows stronger as they face challenges together.

Does Reki face any personal obstacles during the series?

Yes, Reki faces some personal obstacles in the series. He struggles with self-doubt at times and is determined to prove himself as a skateboarder. He also deals with the pressures of the competitive skateboarding world and the desire to protect his friends.