Soul Eater Evans

Original Name ソウル・イーター・エヴァンス
Romaji Name Soul Eater Evans
Nicknames Soul, Soul “Eater” Evans
Series Soul Eater
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Soul Eater Evans: Soul of the Reaper


Soul Eater Evans, also known as Soul, is a prominent character in the manga and anime series “Soul Eater”. He is the partner of Maka Albarn and a demon scythe. Soul’s personality can be described as cool, relaxed, and sometimes even sarcastic. He often displays a nonchalant attitude and exudes a sense of confidence. Despite his confident demeanor, Soul is a loyal friend and partner, always ready to support and protect Maka. However, he occasionally becomes overly focused on consuming Souls, leading to conflicts with Maka. Despite this, their friendship and partnership remains strong.


Soul Eater Evans comes from a family of renowned musicians. His musical background plays an important role in shaping his character. Eventually, however, Soul discovered his weapon skills and embarked on a path to become a Death Scythe. He entered the prestigious DWMA (Death Weapon Master Academy) to hone his skills and fulfill his destiny. Throughout the series, Soul’s background is further explored, revealing his struggles and growth as he faces various challenges.


In terms of appearance, Soul Eater Evans takes the form of a teenage boy with an ever-present drool mark below his mouth. He has a cool and stylish aura, characterized by black hair with white streaks and distinctive red eyes. Soul often wears edgy and fashionable clothing, reflecting his rebellious nature. His design perfectly encapsulates his role as a formidable weapon and complements his overall personality.


As a demon scythe, Soul Eater Evans possesses formidable combat skills. His primary method of soul absorption is to eat souls, which explains his nickname, Soul Eater. He has a unique perspective on this process, emphasizing the texture rather than the taste of the souls he consumes. Soul’s fighting style is direct and straightforward, in keeping with his “cool” persona. However, his approach often leads to mixed results.


Soul Eater Evans comes from the manga and anime series “Soul Eater”, created by Atsushi Ohkubo. The series follows the story of students at the DWMA, an institution dedicated to training Meisters and their weapon partners in their quest to collect the souls of evil beings. Soul’s character development and growth is intricately woven into the overarching narrative, contributing to the series’ compelling storytelling.
Soul Eater Evans exemplifies the balance between strength and style, showcasing his unique personality and abilities as a Demon Scythe. His journey alongside Maka and the other characters in “Soul Eater” provides a compelling narrative filled with action, adventure, and self-discovery. From his cool demeanor to his intense battles, Soul Eater Evans leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and solidifies his status as a beloved character in the anime and manga world.

Soul Eater Evans – FAQ

Who is Soul Eater Evans?

Soul Eater Evans, commonly known as Soul, is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Soul Eater”. He is a talented scythe master and the partner of Maka Albarn, the protagonist of the series.

What is Soul’s weapon form?

Soul has the ability to transform into a scythe, which is his weapon form. As a demon weapon, it can be wielded by Maka to fight evil creatures and collect souls.

What is Soul’s personality like?

Soul is often portrayed as cool, relaxed, and somewhat lazy. He has a nonchalant attitude and often displays a carefree demeanor. However, he can also be serious and focused when it comes to fighting and protecting his friends.

What are Soul’s special abilities?

As a weapon, Soul has several special abilities. He can resonate with his master, Maka, to enhance their powers and perform powerful attacks. In addition, Soul has the ability to transform his body parts into sharp, blade-like extensions, allowing for versatile combat maneuvers.

What are Soul’s strengths and weaknesses?

Soul’s strengths lie in his exceptional combat skills, agility, and adaptability in battle. He is a skilled scythe master and has a strong Soul wavelength. However, his laid-back nature can sometimes lead to a lack of motivation or a dismissive attitude, which can be a weakness in certain situations.

Does Soul have any significant relationships with other characters?

Yes, Soul has significant relationships with several characters in the series. His primary bond is with his master, Maka Albarn, with whom he shares a deep connection and strong partnership. In addition, Soul has a close friendship with his fellow weapon, Black☆Star, and often engages in friendly rivalry and banter with him.