Yuuki Konno

Original Name 紺野 木綿季
Romaji Name Konno Yuuki
Nicknames Zekken, Absolute Sword
Series Sword Art Online II
Age 15
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth May 23
Blood Type N/A



The Resilient Warrior of Sword Art Online II


Yuuki Konno, a prominent character in Sword Art Online II, possesses a remarkable personality defined by her unwavering determination and zest for life. Despite facing critical health conditions, Yuuki embraces every moment with a vibrant spirit and a deep desire to make the most of her limited time. Her contagious optimism and vibrancy inspire those around her, creating an aura of strength and courage.


Yuuki’s life took an unexpected turn when she was introduced as a new player in ALfeim Online in Volume 7 of Sword Art Online. She emerged as the leader of the Sleeping Knights guild and quickly gained recognition as one of the most formidable players in the game. However, her real-life struggles were far from the virtual world. Yuuki was diagnosed with AIDS as a result of a contaminated blood transfusion she received as a child. Tragically, her parents and older twin sister also contracted the disease.
The burden of her condition extended beyond her health, as Yuuki was bullied and ostracized at school because of her status as a carrier. Eventually, she transferred schools, but her condition continued to deteriorate, exacerbated by the rejection she experienced from the community at her old school. Yuuki found solace in the new medical FullDive technology called MediCuboid, where she spent the next three years of her life. Her extensive experience in the VR world gave her unparalleled expertise, surpassing even the survivors of the Sword Art Online incident.


Yuuki Konno’s physical appearance is a reflection of her vibrant and determined personality. With her short, auburn hair and expressive amethyst eyes, she captivates those around her with her youthful energy and unwavering determination. Dressed in her signature white and blue outfit, she exudes a sense of elegance and strength, embodying the essence of a true warrior.


Yuuki’s exceptional skills in Sword Art Online II are a testament to her unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. As the leader of the Sleeping Knights guild, she achieved an astounding winning streak of 67 consecutive matches, earning her the revered title of “Absolute Sword”. Her exceptional fighting skills, honed through countless battles, allowed her to defeat even the renowned swordsman Kirito in a fair fight.
Furthermore, Yuuki’s crowning achievement lies in the creation of the 11-hit Original Sword Skill known as “Mother’s Rosario”. This powerful technique, which she later passed on to Asuna, serves as her ultimate form of protection and gratitude to her dear friend. Through her mastery of this skill, Yuuki leaves an indelible mark on the virtual world of Sword Art Online II.


Yuuki Konno’s character arc in Sword Art Online II serves as an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. Her story sheds light on the challenges faced by people living with critical illnesses and the strength they possess to overcome adversity. Despite her own hardships, Yuuki becomes a beacon of hope and inspiration for others, proving that one’s spirit and willpower can transcend the limitations imposed by one’s circumstances.

Yuuki Konno – FAQ

Who is Yuuki Konno in Sword Art Online II?

Yuuki Konno, also known as Zekken, is a character in Sword Art Online II. She is a skilled swordswoman and a key character in the “Mother’s Rosario” arc of the series.

What is Yuuki Konno’s role in the “Mother’s Rosario” arc?

In the “Mother’s Rosario” arc, Yuuki Konno becomes an important character as the leader of the Sleeping Knights, a group of terminally ill players. She forms a deep bond with Asuna and helps her in her quest to obtain an original sword skill.

Why is Yuuki Konno called Zekken?

The nickname “Zekken” given to Yuuki Konno means “Absolute Sword” in Japanese. It is a title she earned due to her exceptional swordplay skills, which are considered unmatched in the world of Sword Art Online.

What is Yuuki Konno’s personality like?

Yuuki Konno is portrayed as a brave, determined, and compassionate individual. Despite her terminal illness, she maintains a positive and energetic attitude. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them.

How does Yuuki Konno’s story affect the overall story of Sword Art Online II?

Yuuki Konno’s story in the “Mother’s Rosario” arc provides a powerful exploration of themes such as friendship, acceptance, and the value of living life to the fullest. Her character development and the bond she forms with Asuna have a significant emotional impact on the narrative, highlighting the importance of human relationships in the virtual world.

What is the significance of Yuuki Konno’s sword skill, Mother’s Rosario?

Mother’s Rosario is a unique sword skill created by Yuuki Konno. It involves a series of lightning strikes and is known for its elegance and beauty. The skill becomes a symbol of Yuuki’s strength and determination, and serves as a representation of her will to live and fight even in the face of her illness.