Original Name 一方通行
Romaji Name Accelerator
Nicknames Accel
Series Toaru Majutsu no Index
Age 15-16
Weight N/A
Height 168 cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Accelerator (一方通行 〈アクセラレータ〉) is a fictional character in the anime and light novel series “Toaru Majutsu no Index”. He is the main protagonist of the spin-off series “Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator” and a supporting character in the main “Toaru Majutsu no Index” series. Known for his immense power and complex personality, Accelerator is a prominent figure in Academy City, a futuristic city where supernatural abilities known as Esper Powers are commonplace.


Accelerator initially appears to be a sadistic and ruthless individual who takes pleasure in inflicting harm on others. However, as the story progresses, his character undergoes significant development. He forms a bond with Last Order, a young girl he is charged with protecting, which gradually softens his demeanor and causes him to question his actions. Despite his violent tendencies, Accelerator has a strong sense of justice and becomes a key figure in the fight against various threats to Academy City.


Little is known of Accelerator’s past, as his true name and early history remain shrouded in mystery. It is known that he was brought to Academy City at a young age when his powerful esper abilities were discovered. Due to the fear and experimentation surrounding his powers, Accelerator developed a sadistic nature and struggled to trust others. His encounters with Kikyou Yoshikawa, a scientist who cared for him, and Last Order, a clone of Misaka, play a crucial role in shaping his character and motivations.


Accelerator is depicted as a young boy with white hair and red eyes, giving him an albino appearance. He is 168 cm tall. His distinctive appearance is a result of his esper ability, which blocks ultraviolet radiation and prevents his body from producing melanin. Accelerator often wears a white outfit to accentuate his pale complexion.


Considered the most powerful Esper in Academy City, Accelerator possesses an ability known as “One-Way Road.” This power gives him control over vectors, allowing him to manipulate the direction and magnitude of any physical force he comes in contact with. With his ability, Accelerator can reverse the flow of blood in a person’s body, create destructive plasma storms, and even block sound. His power is automatic, requiring no conscious effort to allow gravity to affect him. In addition, Accelerator’s ability makes him immune to most forms of physical harm, such as projectiles and explosives.


Accelerator’s unique ability made him the subject of a sinister experiment to create the first level-6 Esper. He was tasked with killing 20,000 Misaka clones, skilled level 3 Espers, to achieve this goal. Initially driven by a desire for power and recognition, Accelerator’s encounters with the Last Order and his defeat at the hands of Touma Kamijou lead to a profound change in his perspective. He strives to protect the Last Order and embraces a more heroic role, using his powers to defend those in need.
Throughout the series, Accelerator’s character arc explores themes of redemption, personal growth, and the consequences of wielding immense power. His journey from sadistic antagonist to complex anti-hero has endeared him to fans and cemented his status as one of the most intriguing characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe.

Accelerator – FAQ

What is an accelerator in “Toaru Majutsu no Index”?

Accelerator is a character in the light novel and anime series “Toaru Majutsu no Index”. He is one of the main protagonists and is known as the most powerful Esper in Academy City. Accelerator has the ability to manipulate vectors, allowing him to control the movement or direction of any object.

How does Accelerator’s power work?

Accelerator’s power, known as “Vector Change”, allows him to change the direction and magnitude of vectors. By manipulating the vectors of any object or force, he can redirect attacks, create powerful barriers, and even control his own movement. His power gives him immense defensive and offensive capabilities.

What are Accelerator’s limitations?

While Accelerator is incredibly powerful, his power has some limitations. One major limitation is that he can only manipulate external vectors. This means that he cannot control internal vectors within living beings, making him vulnerable to attacks that bypass his defenses. In addition, his power requires complex calculations, and he can become overwhelmed if he is faced with too many vectors at once.

Has Accelerator ever been defeated?

Throughout the series, Accelerator has faced numerous challenges and opponents, some of whom have managed to temporarily defeat him or exploit his weaknesses. However, due to his immense power and resilience, he has always managed to bounce back and come out on top.

Does Accelerator have character development?

Yes, Accelerator undergoes significant character development throughout the “Toaru Majutsu no Index” series. Initially portrayed as a cold and ruthless antagonist, he gradually transforms into a more compassionate and heroic figure. His interactions with other characters, especially the Last Order, play a crucial role in his development and redemption.

What is the relationship between Accelerator and the Last Order?

Last Order is a young girl and a clone of the original Misaka Mikoto. She has a unique connection to Accelerator, as her existence is tied to his powers. Accelerator initially sees her as a burden, but eventually develops a protective and caring relationship with her. Last Order’s unwavering trust and innocence have a profound effect on Accelerator’s character and motivations.