William James Moriarty

Original Name ウィリアム・ジェームズ・モリアーティ
Romaji Name William James Moriarty
Nicknames Lord of Crime
Series Yuukoku no Moriarty
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

William James Moriarty: The Mastermind of Justice


William James Moriarty, the enigmatic protagonist of “Yuukoku no Moriarty,” possesses a complex and cunning personality. An aristocrat and mathematics professor, he displays exceptional intelligence and strategic thinking. William is driven by his unwavering desire to overthrow the corrupt class system and bring justice to the oppressed. Despite his noble background, he sympathizes with the common people and uses his intellect to help them solve their problems. He has a stoic demeanor and rarely shows his emotions, maintaining an air of mystery that keeps those around him guessing.


William James Moriarty’s background is shrouded in mystery and tragedy. Along with his brother Louis, he was adopted into the Moriarty family after catching the attention of Albert Moriarty, who recognized his exceptional abilities. However, their seemingly idyllic life took a dark turn when William orchestrated a plan to eliminate the remaining members of the Moriarty family by faking their deaths. Determined to overthrow the corrupt aristocracy, William took his late brother’s name, became William James Moriarty, and assumed the life of a nobleman.


William James Moriarty’s physical appearance reflects his calculated and refined nature. He is a pale, slender young man with medium-length blond hair, characterized by long side bangs and an extended side fringe. His features exude an air of elegance and sophistication befitting his noble status. Dressed in impeccably tailored clothing, he presents himself as a distinguished gentleman, often wearing a calm expression that conceals his true intentions.


William’s remarkable abilities make him a formidable force to be reckoned with. A mathematical genius, he possesses a keen analytical mind that allows him to dissect complex situations and devise intricate plans. He is a master manipulator, adept at exploiting the weaknesses and desires of others to achieve his goals. William’s expertise in crime consulting allows him to navigate the dark underbelly of society and manipulate events to serve his righteous cause, making him a formidable adversary to those who oppose him.


William James Moriarty’s origins lie in the depths of late 19th century London, a city rife with corruption and social inequality. Born out of a desire to dismantle the oppressive class system and eradicate the influence of evil aristocrats, William’s journey begins with his adoption into the Moriarty family. Driven by his ideals, he orchestrates a grand plan to bring justice to the common people, using his intellect and strategic skills to outmaneuver his adversaries. William’s origin story intertwines with the legacy of the Moriarty family, as he carries the weight of their name while forging his own path to reshape society.
In the world of Yuukoku no Moriarty, William James Moriarty emerges as a compelling and complex character. With unwavering determination, exceptional intellect, and strategic brilliance, he challenges the status quo and seeks to bring justice to a society plagued by corruption. As the mastermind behind the grand schemes that unfold, William’s calculated actions and mysterious personality make him a fascinating protagonist in the fight for justice and equality.

William James Moriarty – FAQ

Who is William James Moriarty?

William James Moriarty is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Yuukoku no Moriarty” (Moriarty the Patriot). He is the main protagonist and an antihero who serves as an advisor and detective.

What are William James Moriarty’s skills?

William James Moriarty possesses exceptional intellect, strategic thinking, and deductive reasoning skills. He is a master manipulator and uses his intelligence to orchestrate elaborate schemes and plans to achieve his goals.

What is the motivation of William James Moriarty?

Moriarty’s motivation stems from his belief that the British class system is deeply flawed and perpetuates inequality and injustice. He seeks to bring about revolution by targeting corrupt and powerful individuals and exposing their misdeeds.

Is William James Moriarty a villain?

While Moriarty is often portrayed as an antagonist because of his criminal activities, he can be considered an antihero rather than a traditional villain. His actions are driven by a desire for justice and to dismantle the oppressive system, making him a complex and morally ambiguous character.

What is Moriarty’s relationship to Sherlock Holmes?

Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes have a complex relationship. In “Yuukoku no Moriarty,” they are portrayed as childhood friends who become rivals due to their different ideologies. Moriarty sees Holmes as a symbol of the corrupt system he despises, while Holmes sees Moriarty as a dangerous criminal mastermind.

Does William James Moriarty have allies?

Yes, Moriarty has a group of close associates known as Moriarty’s Empire. This group consists of individuals who share his vision and assist him in his plans to bring about social change. They work together to expose the crimes of the rich and powerful.