Hinata Kawamoto

Japanese Name 川本 ひなた
Romaji Name Kawamoto Hinata
Nicknames Hina
Series 3-gatsu no Lion
Age 13
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Hinata Kawamoto, often referred to as Hina, is a character from the anime and manga series “3-gatsu no Lion” (March Comes in Like a Lion). She is portrayed as a kind-hearted and cheerful individual with a positive outlook on life. Hina has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends and family, always willing to support and care for them. Throughout the series, she demonstrates her caring nature by taking care of Rei, the protagonist, and developing a close bond with him. Hina aspires to become as mature as her older sister Akari as she grows up. Her warm and compassionate personality makes her a beloved character among fans of the series.


Hinata Kawamoto is the second of the three Kawamoto sisters. She is a middle school student known for her habit of sleeping late and rushing to make bentos for herself. Hina has a close relationship with her sisters and is especially attached to Rei, whom she affectionately calls “Rei-chan”. As the series progresses, Rei develops romantic feelings for Hina. Hina’s loyalty and devotion to her loved ones is evident in her actions and interactions throughout the story. After graduating from middle school, she enrolls in the same high school as Rei and eventually becomes romantically involved with him.


Hina has a youthful and vibrant appearance. She is depicted with short brown hair and expressive, bright eyes that reflect her cheerful personality. Hina is often seen in her school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, blue skirt, and black shoes. Her appearance reflects her youthful energy and innocence, capturing the essence of her character.


While “3-gatsu no Lion” focuses primarily on the personal and emotional journeys of the characters, Hina does not possess any extraordinary abilities or powers. However, her greatest strength lies in her empathy and ability to provide emotional support to those around her. Hina’s caring nature and willingness to help others make her an invaluable presence in the lives of the characters she interacts with.


Hinata Kawamoto is from the anime and manga series “3-gatsu no Lion” created by Chica Umino. The series follows the story of Rei Kiriyama, a professional shogi player, as he faces various challenges in his personal and professional life. Hina plays an important role in Rei’s life, providing emotional support and becoming a source of inspiration and love. Her character development and interactions contribute to the overall narrative of the series, emphasizing the importance of human relationships and the impact they can have on one’s well-being.
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Hinata Kawamoto – FAQ

Who is Hinata Kawamoto?

Hinata Kawamoto is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “3-gatsu no Lion”, also known as “March Comes in Like a Lion”. She is one of the main characters and the middle sister of the Kawamoto family.

What is Hinata Kawamoto’s personality like?

Hinata is portrayed as a cheerful, kind-hearted, and energetic young girl. She is known for her strong will and determination, always striving to do her best in everything she does. Despite facing various challenges in her life, she maintains a positive outlook and is often seen supporting and caring for those around her.

What is Hinata’s relationship to Rei Kiriyama?

Hinata develops a close friendship with Rei Kiriyama, the protagonist of the series. At first, she sees Rei as a loner and takes it upon herself to reach out to him and offer support. As the series progresses, their relationship deepens and they become important sources of emotional support for each other.

What are some memorable moments involving Hinata Kawamoto?

Hinata has several memorable moments throughout the series. Some notable ones include her determination to support Rei despite her own personal challenges, her emotional growth as she learns to cope with loss and grief, and her participation in the school shogi club, where she shows her competitive spirit and determination.

How does Hinata contribute to the overall story?

Hinata plays an important role in the story. She provides emotional support and serves as a source of motivation for the protagonist, Rei Kiriyama. Her character development and personal struggles add depth to the story and highlight important themes such as family, friendship, and the power of perseverance.

What are some of Hinata’s hobbies and interests?

Hinata is shown to have a love for traditional Japanese culture, especially as it relates to food and festivals. She enjoys cooking and often prepares meals for her family and friends. She is also passionate about sports and is an active member of her school’s softball team.