Kobeni Higashiyama

Japanese Name 東山 コベニ
Romaji Name Higashiyama Kobeni
Nicknames None
Series Chainsaw Man
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Kobeni Higashiyama, a character from the manga and anime series “Chainsaw Man,” has a distinct personality that adds depth to her role in the story. Although not a main character, Kobeni serves as an important supporting character and public safety devil hunter. She is portrayed as a dedicated and hardworking individual who is fully committed to her role in protecting society from dangerous devils.
Kobeni demonstrates a strong sense of duty and loyalty, especially to her superior, Makima. She is shown to be obedient and diligent in following orders. However, she also displays a degree of skepticism and questioning, as evidenced by her inner monologues and moments of introspection. This adds complexity to her character and suggests a potential for personal growth and development.

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Kobeni Higashiyama’s background is not extensively explored in the series. As a new recruit, she joins Makima’s special Public Safety Devil Hunters unit. The details of her past and how she became involved in devil hunting are not explicitly revealed. However, it can be inferred that Kobeni possesses a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect others, which likely led her to pursue a career in devil hunting.


Kobeni Higashiyama’s appearance is depicted in the “Chainsaw Man” series. She is depicted as a young woman of average height with short, light-colored hair and a generally serious expression. Like other characters in the series, she wears a distinctive uniform that identifies her as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Her appearance reflects her role as a dedicated and professional individual in the dangerous world of devil hunting.


While specific details about Kobeni Higashiyama’s abilities are not provided in the available sources, it can be inferred that she possesses the necessary skills and training to be a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Devil Hunters in the series are known for their physical prowess, combat skills, and ability to use special weapons to effectively fight devils. As a member of Makima’s special unit, it is likely that Kobeni has received additional training and possesses unique skills that contribute to the team’s effectiveness.


Kobeni Higashiyama is a fictional character created by Tatsuki Fujimoto for the “Chainsaw Man” series. The manga series was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020. It gained considerable popularity and has since been adapted into an anime series. Kobeni’s character plays an important supporting role in the narrative, contributing to the overall story arc and development of other main characters.

Kobeni Higashiyama – FAQ

Who is Kobeni Higashiyama in “Chainsaw Man”?

Kobeni Higashiyama is a character in the manga series “Chainsaw Man” created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. She is a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and works alongside the protagonist Denji.

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What is Kobeni Higashiyama’s role in the story?

Kobeni Higashiyama is one of the main supporting characters in Chainsaw Man. She is a skilled and experienced devil hunter who assists Denji in his missions and fights against powerful devils.

What are Kobeni Higashiyama’s skills or powers?

Kobeni Higashiyama has enhanced physical abilities that make her a formidable fighter. She excels in close combat and wields a chainsaw weapon similar to Denji’s. She can also transform her arms into chainsaw-like blades for offensive purposes.

What is Kobeni Higashiyama’s personality like?

Kobeni Higashiyama is portrayed as a serious and dedicated individual. She is highly disciplined and takes her role as a Devil Hunter seriously. Kobeni is known for her no-nonsense attitude and often maintains a stoic demeanor. Despite her serious nature, she cares deeply for her comrades and is willing to put herself in danger to protect them.

Does Kobeni Higashiyama have any significant relationships with other characters?

Yes, Kobeni Higashiyama has a significant relationship with Denji, the main protagonist of Chainsaw Man. They often work together on missions and develop a strong bond throughout the series. In addition, she is respected by her fellow Devil Hunters and is considered a reliable and skilled ally.

Are there any notable events or arcs involving Kobeni Higashiyama?

Throughout the Chainsaw Man series, Kobeni Higashiyama is involved in several major events and arcs. She participates in intense battles against formidable devils and plays a crucial role in advancing the overarching plot. However, to avoid spoilers, it is recommended that you read the manga for the specific details of her involvement in the story.