Original Name ちぃ
Romaji Name Chii
Nicknames Elda
Series Chobits
Age Unknown
Height 152 cm
Date of Birth April 13
Blood Type


Chii, also known as Elda, has a gentle and innocent personality that endears her to those around her. At first, due to her limited programming, she can only say her own name, “Chii”. However, as the story progresses, she learns and develops various emotions and expressions, becoming capable of understanding and communicating with others. Chii’s kind-hearted nature is evident in her interactions with humans and other persocoms, as she consistently displays compassion, empathy, and a desire to help others.

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Chii’s origin is closely tied to the concept of Chobits, a legendary type of persocom capable of independent thought and emotion. She was created by Chitose Hibiya as a sibling for Freya, the first Chobit, who was experiencing grief. Chii’s purpose was to provide Freya with companionship and support. However, when Freya’s mental state deteriorated, Chii absorbed her consciousness in an attempt to save her. As a result, Chii’s memories were reset and she began her journey with a clean slate.


Chii has a delicate and ethereal beauty. She has long, flowing blonde hair and striking violet eyes. Standing at a height of 152 cm, she has a slender and graceful figure. Chii’s appearance exudes innocence and purity, which is further accentuated by her simple and elegant white dress. Her overall design reflects her role as a Chobit, a highly advanced and unique persocom.


As a Chobit, Chii has extraordinary abilities that set her apart from other Persocoms. She has a special program installed in her that allows her to connect and communicate with other persocoms around the world. In the manga adaptation, if Chii does not find her mate, she has the ability to remove the persocoms’ ability to distinguish between humans. In the anime adaptation, if Chii finds her mate, the program grants all persocoms the ability to experience real emotions.


Chii originates from the manga series “Chobits”, created by the renowned manga artist group CLAMP. The series explores themes of love, humanity, and the blurred boundaries between humans and artificial intelligence. Chii’s character plays a central role in the narrative, serving as a catalyst for exploring the nature of consciousness and the potential consequences of advanced technology on human relationships.

Chii – FAQ

Who is Chii in “Chobits”?

Chii is the female protagonist of the manga and anime series “Chobits”. She is an android known as a Persocom, designed to resemble and interact with humans. Chii is discovered by the male protagonist of the series, Hideki Motosuwa, and becomes his personal Persocom.

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What are Chii’s abilities and characteristics?

Chii has various abilities and characteristics typical of Persocoms in the “Chobits” universe. She can communicate, learn and understand emotions. Chii has Wi-Fi capabilities, the ability to connect to the Internet, and can perform tasks such as searching for information, sending emails, and playing games.

How is Chii different from other personal computers?

Chii is a special Persocom known as a “Chobit”. Unlike other Persocoms who have limited emotional abilities, Chii has the ability to experience and express emotions deeply. She also has a higher level of artificial intelligence and is capable of self-awareness.

What is the meaning of Chii’s name “Chii”?

Chii’s name is significant in the series. When she is first activated, she can only say “Chii,” which becomes her name. As the story progresses, the origin and meaning of her name will be explored, revealing its connection to her true identity and purpose.

Will Chii develop a romantic relationship with Hideki?

Yes, Chii and Hideki’s relationship develops into a romantic one over the course of the series. As Chii learns about emotions and love, she develops feelings for Hideki and their bond deepens. Their relationship is a central theme in Chobits.

Can Chii be considered a human being or a sentient being?

While Chii exhibits qualities of sentience and develops self-awareness, she is ultimately an artificial construct – a Persocom. The series explores the ethical and philosophical implications of human-like artificial beings, raising questions about the nature of consciousness and humanity.