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Date A Live

Shidou Itsuka

Japanese Name 五河 士道 Romaji Name Itsuka Shidou Nicknames Shin, Shiori, Darling, Shidomi, Shinji Takamiya Series Date A Live Age 16 Weight 58 kg Height 170 cm (5’7″) Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type A Shidou Itsuka The protagonist of “Date A Live Personality Shidou Itsuka, the main protagonist of “Date A Live,” is […]

Kotori Itsuka

Japanese Name 五河 琴里 Romaji Name Itsuka Kotori Nicknames Commander, Efreet, Flame Spirit Series Date A Live Age 14 Weight N/A Height 145 cm Date of Birth August 3 Blood Type AB Personality Kotori Itsuka from the anime series “Date A Live” is a character with a multifaceted personality. She is depicted as having two […]

Origami Tobiichi

Original Name 鳶一 折紙 Romaji Name Tobiichi Origami Nicknames Super Genius, Master Series Date A Live Age 16 Weight N/A Height 152 cm Date of Birth November 11 Blood Type A Species Human Equipment Combat Wiring Suit, CR unit Affiliation Anti-Spirit Team Rank Master Sergeant Favorite Food Gratin Disliked Food Celery Angel Metatron Astral Dress […]

Tooka Yatogami

Original Name 夜刀神 十香 Romaji Name Yatogami Tooka Nicknames Princess, Demon King Series Date A Live Age 16 Weight N/A Height 155 cm Date of Birth April 10 Blood Type N/A Tooka Yatogami from “Date A Live Personality Tooka Yatogami, one of the main female characters in the anime series “Date A Live”, has a […]

Kurumi Tokisaki

Japanese Name 時崎 狂三 Romaji Name Tokisaki Kurumi Nicknames Nightmare, Worst Spirit, Spirit of Time Series Date A Live Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height 157 cm (5’2″) Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Kurumi Tokisaki is a fictional character from the light novel and anime series “Date A Live”. She serves as a major […]