Zeno Zoldyck

Original Name ゼノ=ゾルディック
Romaji Name Zeno Zoldyck
Nicknames None
Series Hunter x Hunter
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The skilled assassin from “Hunter x Hunter


Zeno Zoldyck, a character from the popular anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter,” is known for his sharp wit, quick thinking, and immense combat prowess. Despite his advanced age, Zeno’s abilities remain formidable, and he maintains a calm and collected demeanor even in the most dangerous situations. He is a dedicated professional who performs his assassination duties with precision and efficiency. Zeno is also shown to have a strong sense of family loyalty, especially to his grandson Killua, whom he favors among his many grandchildren.


As the grandfather of Killua Zoldyck and the father of Silva Zoldyck, Zeno is a member of the renowned Zoldyck family, a group of elite assassins known throughout the world. Zeno’s expertise in assassination and his mastery of Nen, a powerful energy system in the Hunter x Hunter universe, have made him a formidable figure in the series. He has taken on numerous high-profile missions, demonstrating his skills and contributing to the Zoldyck family’s legacy.


Zeno Zoldyck is depicted as an elderly man of medium height with gray-white hair standing upright on his head. He wears a distinctive Fu Manchu moustache, which adds to his distinguished appearance. Zeno’s clothing often includes alternating signs on his robes, with phrases such as “A Kill A Day” or “Never Retire”. Despite his age, Zeno maintains a fit and agile physique, allowing him to move quickly in battle.


Zeno Zoldyck is not only a skilled assassin, but also an accomplished Nen practitioner. His mastery of Nen allows him to unleash powerful attacks and defend against formidable opponents. He is known for his transmutation and emission abilities, particularly his Nen techniques called Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Lance. These techniques involve the emission of auric blasts in the form of projectiles or beams that deal devastating blows to his opponents.

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Zeno Zoldyck has appeared in various arcs of the “Hunter x Hunter” series, showcasing his skills and contributing to the overarching narrative. Most notably, he was hired by the Chairman of the Hunter Committee, Netero, to assist in a mission to raid Ming Jol-ik’s palace in East Gorteau. This operation was designed to surprise the Chimera Ant King, highlighting Zeno’s involvement in major events in the series.
Zeno Zoldyck is a compelling character in “Hunter x Hunter” who exemplifies the strength, experience, and unwavering dedication of the Zoldyck family. With his keen intellect, combat expertise, and mastery of the Nen, Zeno has made a lasting impact on fans of the series. His role as a skilled assassin and doting grandfather to Killua adds depth to his character and makes him an integral part of the Hunter x Hunter universe.

Zeno Zoldyck – FAQ

FAQ about Zeno Zoldyck from “Hunter x Hunter

Who is Zeno Zoldyck?
Zeno Zoldyck is a character from the anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter”. He is a member of the infamous Zoldyck family, known for their extraordinary skills as assassins.
What are Zeno Zoldyck’s abilities?
Zeno is a highly skilled Nen user and an extremely powerful fighter. He specializes in a unique Nen ability called “Dragon Dive,” which allows him to create a massive dragon from aura to attack his opponents.
What is Zeno’s relationship with Killua Zoldyck?
Zeno is Killua’s grandfather. He plays a significant role in Killua’s life, serving as both a mentor and a source of guidance.
How does Zeno Zoldyck contribute to the plot?
Zeno’s character is primarily associated with the history of the Zoldyck family and their involvement in the world of assassins. He is often involved in important story arcs, providing critical information and assistance to other characters.
What are some of Zeno Zoldyck’s notable feats or accomplishments?
Zeno has demonstrated exceptional combat skills throughout the series. He has been able to fight on equal footing with powerful opponents such as Chrollo Lucilfer, the leader of the Phantom Troupe. His Dragon Dive ability is also highly regarded for its destructive power.
Does Zeno Zoldyck have any unique personality traits?
Zeno is portrayed as a calm and collected individual. He is wise and experienced, often displaying a level-headed approach to situations. He cares deeply for his family and is protective of them.