Original Name 綱手
Romaji Name Tsunade
Nicknames Princess, The Legendary Sucker, Godaime Hokage (Fifth Hokage), Slug Princess, Tsuna
Series Naruto
Age Not specified
Weight 48.9 kg
Height 163.1 cm
Date of Birth August 2
Blood Type B


The legendary sannin of Naruto


Tsunade, also known as the Fifth Hokage and the Slug Princess, is a prominent character in the popular Naruto anime and manga series. Known for her strong personality, Tsunade is often portrayed as a tough and no-nonsense individual. Despite her stern demeanor, she cares deeply for her friends and the village of Konoha. Tsunade’s experiences have made her a resilient and determined leader, always willing to go to great lengths to protect those she holds dear.


Tsunade’s background reveals a rich lineage as the granddaughter of the First Hokage and a descendant of the Senju and Uzumaki clans. As one of the legendary Sannin, along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, Tsunade possesses immense power and knowledge. Her reputation as the strongest kunoichi in the world and her remarkable medical skills have earned her widespread recognition.


Tsunade’s appearance reflects her mature and authoritative nature. She is depicted as a middle-aged woman with long, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and brown eyes. Standing at a height of 163.1 cm, Tsunade carries herself with grace and confidence. Despite her age, her youthful appearance is attributed to her unique regenerative ability, a result of her exceptional chakra control.


Tsunade’s remarkable abilities make her a formidable force on the battlefield. Her signature skill is her incredible strength, which she enhances by channeling and releasing chakra at the point of contact. This allows her to break through boulders and deliver devastating blows. Tsunade’s immense physical strength, combined with her extensive medical knowledge, makes her a versatile fighter and a valuable asset to Konoha.
As a highly skilled medical ninja, Tsunade has the ability to heal wounds that others consider impossible. Through her chakra control and medical expertise, she has developed a unique form of regeneration. This ability, coupled with her vast knowledge of medical techniques, allows her to save lives and aid her fellow shinobi in times of need.


Tsunade’s journey in Naruto begins when Orochimaru approaches her and asks her to help heal his arms. Despite the tempting offer, Tsunade refuses, driven by her unwavering loyalty to Konoha. Eventually, she becomes the Fifth Hokage and takes on the responsibility of protecting the village and its people. Throughout the series, Tsunade plays a pivotal role in providing guidance, assigning missions, and mobilizing Konoha’s forces.
Tsunade’s character development shows her growth from a broken individual haunted by personal tragedy to a strong and respected leader. Her unwavering devotion to her loved ones and her village exemplifies her steadfast determination and loyalty.

Tsunade – FAQ

Who is Tsunade in “Naruto”?

Tsunade is a character in the Naruto series created by Masashi Kishimoto. She is one of the legendary Sannin and is known as the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

What are Tsunade’s special abilities?

Tsunade possesses remarkable strength and is known for her exceptional medical ninjutsu skills. She can also summon bullets for combat and healing purposes. In addition, she is skilled in physical combat and has immense chakra reserves.

What is Tsunade’s personality like?

Tsunade is often portrayed as a strong-willed, independent, and fearless character. She can be hot-headed and short-tempered, but she is also caring and protective of her loved ones. Despite her tough exterior, Tsunade is deeply compassionate and cares about the welfare of her village.

What is Tsunade’s role in the Naruto series?

Tsunade plays an important role in the Naruto series as a mentor, leader, and protector. As the Fifth Hokage, she is responsible for making important decisions and overseeing the affairs of Hidden Leaf Village. Tsunade also serves as a source of guidance and support for the young ninja, including Naruto and his teammates.

What are Tsunade’s most notable accomplishments?

Tsunade has performed several notable feats throughout the Naruto series. She played a pivotal role in the defense of Hidden Leaf Village during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Tsunade’s medical expertise and strategic thinking saved countless lives and influenced the outcome of many battles. She has also trained and mentored several prominent characters, including Sakura Haruno.

How does Tsunade’s past affect her character?

Tsunade’s past is filled with tragedy, which greatly influences her character. She has suffered the loss of loved ones, including her younger brother Nawaki and her lover Dan. These experiences fuel her desire to protect and prevent others from experiencing similar pain. Tsunade’s past also serves as motivation for her to become a skilled medical ninja and leader.