Law Trafalgar

Original Name トラファルガー・ロー
Romaji Name Trafalgar Rō
Nicknames Surgeon of Death
Series One Piece
Age 24; 26
Weight N/A
Height 191 cm (6’3″)
Date of Birth October 6
Blood Type N/A

Law Trafalgar (One Piece)


Law Trafalgar, also known as the “Surgeon of Death”, is a prominent character in the popular manga and anime series One Piece. He is portrayed as an extremely relaxed individual who is almost always seen with a smile on his face. Despite his calm demeanor, Law possesses a ruthless attitude when confronted with other pirates who are considered high threats by the World Government. Known for his polite nature, he often addresses others as “Mr.” Despite his easy-going nature, Law dislikes being ordered around and prefers to act on his own terms. He is also honorable enough to refuse to take credit that rightfully belongs to others.


Law Trafalgar is the captain of the Heart Pirates, a pirate crew from the North Blue. He gained notoriety as one of the Eleven Supernovas, a group of eleven pirates with a bounty of over 100,000,000, when the Straw Hat Pirates encountered them in the Sabaody Archipelago. Prior to his alliance with the Heart Pirates, Law was affiliated with the Donquixote Pirates and held the position of Shichibukai, a group of powerful pirates granted special privileges by the World Government. Law later formed an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates to overthrow one of the Four Emperors, Kaido the Beast.


Law Trafalgar is a tall and slender man with a height of 191 cm (6’3″). He is often seen wearing a yellow shirt with black sleeves, emblazoned with the Jolly Roger. Law’s arms are heavily tattooed, and he wears a pair of small earrings on each ear. Most notably, his left hand has tattoos of the letters D, E, A, T, and H on each finger, forming the word “DEATH”. He carries a nodachi, a type of long Japanese sword, which he uses in conjunction with his Devil Fruit abilities. Law’s nodachi is sheathed in a scabbard decorated with crosses from top to bottom.


Law Trafalgar possesses formidable combat skills and is a highly skilled swordsman. He also has extensive knowledge of medicine, having studied at a medical school. Law’s power comes from consuming the Ope Ope no Mi, a paramecia-type devil fruit known as the Op-Op Fruit. This Devil Fruit gives him the ability to create a spherical area known as a “Room” within which he can manipulate objects and perform surgery on living beings. Law’s ability to create a Room allows him to perform incredible feats, such as cutting and rearranging objects or people within his designated area. He can also perform complex surgical procedures, even from a distance, making him a formidable opponent in battle.


Law Trafalgar’s real name is revealed to be Trafalgar D. Water Law. A native of the North Blue, he rose to prominence as a member of the Eleven Supernovas. Throughout the series, Law’s backstory is gradually revealed, shedding light on his motivations and his connection to the Donquixote Pirates. His journey as a pirate captain and his alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates play a crucial role in the overarching narrative of One Piece.


The above information is based on the character Law Trafalgar as portrayed in the One Piece series.

Law Trafalgar – FAQ

Who is Law Trafalgar in “One Piece”?

Trafalgar Law is a character in the manga and anime series “One Piece”. He is a pirate and the captain of the Heart Pirates. Law is known for his strategic mind and his ability to manipulate the mysterious power of the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows him to perform various surgical and spatial abilities.

What is Trafalgar Law’s goal in “One Piece”?

Trafalgar Law’s initial goal in “One Piece” is to find the mythical treasure known as One Piece and become the Pirate King. However, he also has a personal vendetta against the Four Emperors, especially Kaido, for the death of his friend Corazon. Law seeks to dismantle their power and bring justice to the world.

What is Trafalgar Law’s alliance in “One Piece”?

Trafalgar Law forms an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Monkey D. Luffy, to overthrow the Four Emperors and achieve their respective goals. This alliance, known as the Straw Hat Heart Alliance, brings together the strength and skills of both crews to challenge powerful enemies in the New World.

What are the abilities of Trafalgar Law in One Piece?

Trafalgar Law possesses the power of the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit, which gives him the ability to create a spherical space called a “Room” in which he can manipulate objects and people. He can perform various surgical procedures and even change the personalities of people within his Room. In addition, Law is skilled in swordsmanship and possesses great physical strength and endurance.

What is Trafalgar Law’s backstory in “One Piece”?

Trafalgar Law’s backstory in “One Piece” reveals that he was born in the North Blue and belonged to the Donquixote Pirates, led by Doflamingo. Law’s real name is “Trafalgar D. Water Law” and he comes from the famous D. family. After witnessing the cruelty and corruption within the pirate crew, Law seeks revenge against Doflamingo and becomes a pirate himself, forming the Heart Pirates.

What is the relationship between Trafalgar Law and the Straw Hat Pirates?

Trafalgar Law first meets the Straw Hat Pirates in the Punk Hazard arc, where they form an alliance to take down the Four Emperors. Despite their initial differences and clashing personalities, Law develops a mutual respect and trust with the Straw Hat crew, especially Luffy. They work closely together, sharing information and supporting each other in their respective goals.

What are some notable moments involving Trafalgar Law in “One Piece”?

Trafalgar Law has several notable moments in “One Piece”, including his introduction in the Sabaody Archipelago and his subsequent alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. He plays a crucial role in the Dressrosa arc, where he reveals his true intentions and confronts Doflamingo. Law also participates in the battle against Kaido in the Wano Land arc, demonstrating his strategic skills and determination.