Konjiki no Yami

Original Name 金色の闇
Romaji Name Konjiki no Yami
Nicknames Yami, Yami-Yami, Golden Darkness, Eve
Series To LOVE-Ru
Age 24,000 (according to her planet’s calculations)
Weight 45 kg
Height 153 cm
Date of Birth December 24
Blood Type Unknown


Konjiki no Yami, also known as Golden Darkness, has a dispassionate and reserved personality. As an assassin, she is initially assigned to kill Rito by Lacospo, one of Lala’s arranged suitors. However, Yami eventually breaks the contract and chooses to stay on Earth. Despite her initial cold demeanor, Yami gradually reveals a softer side as she spends more time on Earth and interacts with the other characters. She enjoys reading books and magazines, and her favorite food is taiyaki. Yami is known for her strong dislike of perverts and will not hesitate to retaliate if someone looks at her inappropriately.


Yami’s true nature and origins are gradually revealed throughout the series. It is revealed that her creator is a scientist named Doctor Tearju, and her given name is Eve. However, circumstances forced Tearju to flee the organization that created Yami, leaving her in the hands of malevolent scientists who raised her as a cold-hearted assassin. Yami’s past experiences have shaped her into the stoic and reserved individual she is at the beginning of the series.


Konjiki no Yami has a distinctive appearance. She appears to be an 11-year-old girl, although she has a mature demeanor. Despite her youthful appearance, Yami’s physical abilities far exceed those of a normal human. She has long silver hair and striking red eyes. Yami is often seen wearing her signature black and white outfit, which adds to her enigmatic and mysterious aura.


Yami has extraordinary physical abilities that exceed human capabilities. She has the power to transform different parts of her body into different objects through the use of nanomachines circulating within her. This unique ability allows her to create weapons such as swords or even dragon heads. However, excessive use of her powers can be dangerous to her health. Yami’s combat skills, combined with her versatile transformation ability, make her a formidable opponent.


Konjiki no Yami is a main character in the manga and anime series “To LOVE-Ru”. Created by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki, the series follows the adventures of high school student Rito Yuuki, who becomes involved with various alien beings, including Yami. Yami’s character development and backstory is explored throughout the series, showing her growth from a distant assassin to a more compassionate individual.

Konjiki no Yami – FAQ

Who is Konjiki no Yami in “To LOVE-Ru”?

Konjiki no Yami, also known as Golden Darkness, is a main character in the manga and anime series “To LOVE-Ru”. She is an assassin android created by the organization known as “The Organization” and sent to kill the protagonist, Yuuki Rito. However, she ends up sparing his life and becomes one of the main female characters in the series.

What are Konjiki no Yami’s abilities?

Konjiki no Yami possesses extraordinary physical abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and agility. She also has the ability to materialize various weapons from her body and use them in battle. In addition, Yami has the power to transform into her “Darkness” form, which enhances her abilities even more.

What is Konjiki no Yami’s personality like?

At first, Konjiki no Yami is portrayed as a stoic and emotionless character due to her assassin upbringing. However, as the series progresses, she develops a more compassionate and caring side, especially towards Rito and his friends. Yami is known for her sense of justice and her determination to protect those she cares about.

What is the relationship between Konjiki no Yami and Yuuki Rito?

Konjiki no Yami’s relationship with Yuuki Rito evolves over the course of the series. At first, she sees Rito as her target and tries to assassinate him. However, after sparing his life, she begins to develop feelings for him. Their relationship becomes a mix of friendship, trust, and hints of romantic interest as the story progresses.

Does Konjiki no Yami have any unique quirks or habits?

Yes, Konjiki no Yami has a unique habit of saying the word “trouble” whenever she encounters a difficult or problematic situation. This catchphrase becomes one of her defining characteristics and is often used for comedic effect in the series.

Are there any major arcs involving Konjiki no Yami?

Yes, Konjiki no Yami plays a central role in several arcs in To LOVE-Ru. Some notable arcs include her initial introduction as an assassin, her interactions with other characters, and her personal growth and development. Her character arc explores themes of redemption, friendship, and the struggle to find one’s true identity.