Maria Otonashi

Original Name 音無 麻理亜
Romaji Name Maria Otonashi
Nicknames Aya Otanashi
Series Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Age Varies (depending on the story progression)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The enigmatic heroine of “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria”.


Maria Otonashi, the main female heroine of the “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria” series, is portrayed as an antisocial beauty with a resolute personality. She is known for her strong will and determination. After transferring to Kazuki’s class on March 2nd, just before the end of the school year, Maria immediately declares her intention to “break” Kazuki, setting the stage for their complex relationship. Despite her seemingly aloof and unsociable demeanor, Maria possesses a deep sense of empathy and a desire to grant the wishes of others. Her actions come at a cost, however, as she gradually loses her memories each time she uses her box. Maria’s character development throughout the series shows her growth and inner struggles as she navigates the complexities of her existence.


Maria’s life becomes intertwined with Kazuki’s when she sneaks into Mogi’s box, the creator of the recurring classroom. Being a box herself, Maria is able to retain her memories with each repetition, making her different from the other characters. She spends years searching for the box’s true owner, honing her skills in martial arts and motorcycling. Eventually, she deduces that Kazuki must possess the box due to his ability to remember things. However, Kazuki’s uncertainty and reluctance to give up the box leads to a declaration of war between them. As the story unfolds, Maria’s past and her connection to the mysterious “O” are gradually revealed, shedding light on her motivations and intentions.


Maria Otonashi is described as a beautiful girl with an enigmatic aura. Her appearance complements her personality, as she exudes an air of mystery and allure. While specific details of her physical appearance may vary in different adaptations, she is often depicted with long, flowing hair and captivating eyes that reflect her complex emotions. Maria’s distinctive appearance adds to her intrigue and contributes to her role as a central character in the story.


One of Maria’s remarkable abilities is her possession of a box that gives her the power to create a place where people can find temporary happiness. However, she is aware that this happiness is illusory and that her box comes at the cost of losing her memories. Maria’s skills in martial arts and motorcycling demonstrate her dedication to self-improvement and her determination to protect herself and others. Throughout the series, her skills and resourcefulness play an important role in her quest to uncover the truth behind the recurring classroom and the identity of the box’s true owner.

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Maria Otonashi comes from the light novel series “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria” written by Eiji Mikage. The series, often referred to as “Hakomari”, explores complex themes of time manipulation, identity, and the power of wishes. Maria’s character serves as a catalyst for the overarching narrative, driving the story forward with her enigmatic nature and her relationship with Kazuki. As one of the central characters in the series, Maria contributes to the intricate web of mysteries and conflicts that unfold throughout the story.
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Maria Otonashi – FAQ

Who is Maria Otonashi?

Maria Otonashi is a fictional character from the light novel series “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria” (The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria) written by Eiji Mikage. She is one of the main characters of the series.

What is Maria Otonashi’s role in the story?

Maria Otonashi is one of the seven main characters known as the “StuCS” (Seventh Gospel Club) in the series. She is part of the group that tries to disrupt the time loop they are trapped in and find a way to escape their fate.

What are Maria Otonashi’s personality traits?

Maria is portrayed as a happy and optimistic girl. She is caring towards her friends and often acts as a mediator within the group. Despite her pleasant demeanor, Maria has a strong will and determination to break free from the time loop.

What are Maria Otonashi’s abilities or powers?

Maria does not possess any supernatural abilities or powers in the traditional sense. However, she is highly perceptive and possesses a keen intellect. Her ability to think critically and analyze situations often proves crucial in solving the mysteries of the story.

What is Maria Otonashi’s relationship to the other characters?

Maria is close friends with the other members of StuCS, especially with Kazuki Hoshino, the protagonist of the series. She has a strong bond with Kazuki, and their relationship evolves over the course of the story. Maria also interacts with other characters in the series, contributing to the overall dynamic of the group.

Does Maria Otonashi have any character development during the series?

Yes, Maria Otonashi undergoes significant character development throughout the series. As the story progresses, she faces various challenges and confronts her own fears and insecurities. This development adds depth to her character and contributes to the overarching themes of the story.