Rui Ninomiya

情報 内容
日本名 二宮 瑠依
Romaji名 Ninomiya Rui
愛称 なし
シリーズ なし
年齢 20歳
体重 なし
身長 165cm
誕生日 1999年4月1日
血液型 A型

Rui Ninomiya from “Gatchaman Crowds”: A programming prodigy with a vision

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Rui Ninomiya, a main character in the anime series “Gatchaman Crowds”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. Driven by a desire to reshape the world, Rui is a visionary who believes that the current state of Japan is mundane and in need of change. He is portrayed as an intelligent and resourceful individual who uses his exceptional intellect to create social networking services such as “GALAX” and “President X”. Rui’s determination and passion for change are evident in his actions as he strives to accelerate progress and usher in a new era.


Rui Ninomiya is introduced as a young programmer living in the luxurious Glorious Tower Toyosu in Tokyo’s Koto Ward. Through self-education and interaction with hackers around the world, he hones his coding skills and expands his knowledge base. Rui’s background as a coding prodigy contributes to his ability to create revolutionary platforms like GALAX, which quickly gain popularity and influence. However, it is later revealed that Rui is involved in an intricate plan devised by Berg Katse to use GALAX to wreak havoc.


Rui Ninomiya is visually depicted as a slender individual with a height of 168 cm. He is characterized by his androgynous appearance and often presents himself in public as a cross-dressing man. With his unique sense of style and fashion, Rui stands out from the crowd, reflecting his non-conformist nature. His distinctive appearance adds to his enigmatic personality and sets him apart from conventional characters.


Rui’s exceptional intellect is one of his greatest assets. Fluent in several languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese, he possesses extraordinary linguistic skills. In addition, his programming skills allow him to create innovative social networking services that have a profound impact on society. Rui’s ability to think critically and strategize effectively contributes to his success in implementing his vision for change.


Rui Ninomiya’s origins lie in the anime series “Gatchaman Crowds”. Introduced as a brilliant programmer living in Tokyo, Rui’s journey unfolds as he creates GALAX, a social networking service that aims to revolutionize the way people connect and interact. As the story unfolds, Rui becomes entangled in a larger conspiracy orchestrated by Berg Katse, and ultimately discovers the true intentions behind GALAX and its consequences for the world. Rui’s character development and role in the series make him a pivotal figure in the overarching plot of the story.
Rui Ninomiya of “Gatchaman Crowds” is a compelling character driven by a desire to bring about change and challenge the status quo. With his exceptional intellect, distinctive appearance, and innovative creations, Rui leaves a lasting impression on viewers and the world within the anime series. His journey of self-discovery and the consequences of his actions serve as a compelling narrative arc, making Rui Ninomiya a memorable and thought-provoking character in Gatchaman Crowds.

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Rui Ninomiya – FAQ

Who is Rui Ninomiya in “Gatchaman Crowds”?

Rui Ninomiya is a prominent character in the anime series “Gatchaman Crowds”. He is a high school student and the creator of the social networking site “GALAX”, which plays an important role in the series.

What is the role of GALAX in “Gatchaman Crowds”?

GALAX is a social networking platform created by Rui Ninomiya in Gatchaman Crowds. It serves as a communication tool that connects people and allows them to help each other. It also becomes a central plot element as it gains popularity and influences the actions of various characters.

What are Rui Ninomiya’s motivations in Gatchaman Crowds?

Rui Ninomiya is motivated by the desire to create a world where everyone can live peacefully and help each other. His vision is to use GALAX as a means to unite people and collectively solve societal problems. Rui believes in the power of technology and its potential for positive change.

How does Rui Ninomiya work with the Gatchaman team?

Rui Ninomiya first encounters the Gatchaman Team, a group of superheroes with special abilities, when they try to arrest him because of their suspicions about GALAX. Eventually, Rui forms a complex relationship with the Gatchaman team, sometimes working alongside them and sometimes questioning their methods and ideologies.

What challenges does Rui Ninomiya face in “Gatchaman Crowds”?

Rui Ninomiya faces many challenges throughout the series. These include societal resistance to change, opposition from those who view GALAX as a threat, and his own internal struggles with the consequences of his actions. Rui’s idealistic vision clashes with the realities of the world, leading to conflict and personal growth.

Does Rui Ninomiya have any special skills?

No, Rui Ninomiya does not have any special abilities like the Gatchaman team. His strengths lie in his intelligence, technological prowess, and ability to mobilize people through GALAX. Rui relies on his strategic thinking and resourcefulness to make a difference in the story.