Original Name 不明 (Unknown)
Romaji Name T.K.
Nicknames TK
Series Angel Beats!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

T.K. – The mysterious dancer from “Angel Beats!


T.K., a character from the anime “Angel Beats!”, is known for his enigmatic and unpredictable personality. He often speaks nonsensical English phrases even though he is not fluent in the language. Despite this, he often rescues the team and shows a degree of understanding when others communicate with him. T.K. has a unique catchphrase, “I kiss you!” or “Wild heaven,” which adds to his distinctive charm. He is also known for his constant movement and inability to stand still, even during battles or moments of inactivity.


T.K.’s true identity and name remain a mystery throughout the series. The other members of the SSS (Afterlife Battlefront) do not know his real name and refer to him by the nickname he has given himself, “TK”. This lack of personal information adds to the air of intrigue surrounding his character. Despite his unknown past, T.K. proves to be an invaluable asset to the team, displaying his talents and abilities when it matters most.


In terms of appearance, T.K. stands out for his keen sense of fashion. He is often seen in casual attire, including a white sleeveless shirt, black pants, and sneakers. His most striking feature is his long, wild hair, which adds to his overall eccentric appearance. T.K.’s unique sense of style matches his enigmatic personality, making him a visually memorable character in Angel Beats!


T.K. has a wide range of talents and abilities. His greatest strength is dancing, which he excels at and frequently demonstrates throughout the series. Even during intense fights, T.K. can be seen dancing effortlessly, adding a touch of elegance and grace to his fighting style. His dancing skills not only make him a formidable opponent, but also showcase his versatility and adaptability in combat situations. In addition, T.K. demonstrates a certain level of skill in various other areas, further emphasizing his multi-talented nature.


The origins of T.K. and his connection to the afterlife world depicted in “Angel Beats!” are not explicitly revealed in the series. However, it is implied that he, like the other characters, had a tragic past that led him to the afterlife. T.K.’s presence in this realm serves as an enigmatic element within the narrative, adding depth and intrigue to the overall plot.
As a supporting character in “Angel Beats!”, T.K. captivates audiences with his mysterious personality, unique catchphrases, and exceptional dancing skills. Despite his limited English skills, he manages to communicate his thoughts and emotions effectively, making him an integral part of the SSS team. While his background is never revealed, T.K.’s enigmatic nature and charismatic presence add to the overall appeal and enjoyment of the series.

T.K. – FAQ

Who is T.K. in “Angel Beats!”?

T.K. is a character from the anime “Angel Beats! He is a member of the SSS (Afterlife Battlefront) and is known for his energetic personality and unique way of speaking.

What is T.K.’s role in the SSS?

T.K. is a fighter in the SSS. He often participates in missions and fights against the Angel, who is the student council president in the afterlife school setting of the series.

Why does T.K. speak broken English?

T.K. speaks broken English as a character trait. His broken English phrases and energetic dance moves are his signature style, adding to his comedic and eccentric personality.

Does T.K. have any special abilities?

While T.K. does not possess any supernatural abilities like some of the other characters in “Angel Beats!”, he is a skilled fighter and can often be seen using improvised weapons or engaging in hand-to-hand combat during fights.

What is T.K.’s backstory?

T.K.’s backstory is not extensively explored in the series. However, it is revealed that he had a passion for dancing in his former life. The details of his death and how he ended up in the afterlife are not explicitly mentioned.

Is T.K. a main character in “Angel Beats!”?

T.K. is a supporting character in “Angel Beats!”, while the main focus of the series is on the protagonist, Otonashi, and his interactions with other members of the SSS. However, T.K. has a memorable presence and often provides comedic relief throughout the series.