Kurena Kukumila

Original Name クレナ・ククミラ
Romaji Name Kurena Kukumila
Nicknames Gunslinger
Series 86 (Eighty Six)
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Kurena Kukumila is a fictional character from the anime series “86” (also known as “Eighty Six”). She serves as a major supporting character in the series and is codenamed “Gunslinger”. Kurena is a member of the Spearhead Squadron and plays an important role in the story. While the available information is limited, we can provide a comprehensive overview of Kurena Kukumila based on the sources provided.


Kurena Kukumila is portrayed as a strong-willed and skilled individual. She is known for her marksmanship and is considered one of the best snipers in the Spearhead Squadron. Kurena harbors an intense hatred for the Albas, as her parents were killed by Alba Republic soldiers. As a result, she often speaks harshly to Lena, whom she finds arrogant and self-righteous. Kurena has a deep admiration for Shin, another member of the squadron, and is determined to support him and help him carry his burdens.


Not much is known about Kurena Kukumila’s background. However, it is mentioned that she has four years of experience on the Eastern Battlefront as an elite processor. The murder of her parents by Republic Alba soldiers is the driving force behind her intense hatred for the Albas. Despite the lack of specific details about her past, Kurena’s experiences and motivations contribute to her character development in the series.


Kurena Kukumila has a distinctive appearance in the “86” series. While no specific physical characteristics are described in detail, images and illustrations depict her as a young woman with dark hair and piercing eyes. She is often seen wearing the standard Spearhead Squadron uniform, emphasizing her role as a member of the military unit.


As a member of the Spearhead Squadron, Kurena Kukumila is a highly skilled and talented soldier. Her expertise lies in sniping, and she is considered one of the best snipers in the squadron. Kurena’s dedication and determination lead her to hone her marksmanship to match that of Shin, whom she greatly admires. Her skills as a processor contribute to the overall combat effectiveness of the squadron.


Kurena Kukumila is from the anime series “86” (Eighty Six). The series follows the story of a group of soldiers known as the Spearhead Squadron, who are fighting autonomous drones known as the Legion on the Eastern Battlefront. Kurena’s character development, relationships, and contributions to the squadron’s operations are explored throughout the series.
Please note that this information is based on available sources and may not encompass the entirety of Kurena Kukumila’s character. For a more complete understanding, it is recommended that you watch the “86” series or consult additional official sources.

Kurena Kukumila – FAQ

Who is Kurena Kukumila from “86”?

Kurena Kukumila is a fictional character from the light novel and anime series “86”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the Spearhead Squadron, a group of soldiers who pilot unmanned drones called Juggernauts to fight against the autonomous AI-controlled Legion.

What is Kurena’s role in the Spearhead Squadron?

Kurena is the Vice Captain of the Spearhead Squadron. She is highly skilled and plays a crucial role in coordinating the team’s actions during combat missions. Kurena is known for her strategic thinking and ability to adapt to challenging situations.

What are Kurena’s personality traits?

Kurena is a strong and determined individual. She is fiercely loyal to her comrades and is always willing to put herself in harm’s way to protect them. Despite the hardships she faces, Kurena remains level-headed and maintains a calm and collected demeanor.

What is Kurena’s relationship to the other characters in “86”?

Kurena has a close relationship with the other members of the Spearhead Squadron. She has a particularly strong friendship with the protagonist, Shin, and they support and rely on each other throughout the series. Kurena also develops deep relationships with other characters as they fight together against the Legion.

Does Kurena have any unique skills or abilities?

Although Kurena has no supernatural abilities, she is highly skilled in fighting and piloting Juggernauts. She has an extensive knowledge of military tactics and is an excellent strategist. Kurena’s expertise and leadership make her a valuable asset to the Spearhead Squadron.

What challenges will Kurena face in “86”?

Kurena faces many challenges throughout the series. She faces the harsh realities of war, witnessing the sacrifices of her comrades and dealing with loss. Kurena also grapples with her own identity and past, which becomes an important aspect of her character development.

Does Kurena have any character development in “86”?

Yes, Kurena undergoes significant character development in “86”. Over the course of the series, she experiences personal growth, confronts her inner demons, and finds her place within the Spearhead Squadron. Kurena’s growth explores themes of friendship, identity, and the cost of war.

What makes Kurena Kukumila a compelling character in “86”?

Kurena’s strength, resilience, and unwavering loyalty make her a compelling character in 86. Her complex personality, combined with her role as a leader and her emotional journey, adds depth to her character. Kurena’s struggles and growth resonate with the audience, making her a fan favorite in the series.