Tetsuo Tosu

Original Name 鳥栖 哲雄
Romaji Name Tosu Tetsuo
Nicknames N/A
Series My Home Hero
Age 30s
Weight Slightly Pudgy
Height Average
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Tetsuo Tosu, the protagonist of the manga “My Home Hero”, is a complex and multifaceted individual who undergoes significant character development over the course of the series. At the beginning of the story, Tetsuo is portrayed as a quiet and reserved thirty-something salaryman who rarely speaks his mind or stands up for himself. As the story progresses, however, it becomes clear that Tetsuo’s unassuming exterior masks a deep well of emotional turmoil and personal demons.


Tetsuo is haunted by a traumatic event from his past that has left him with intense feelings of guilt and self-loathing. This trauma has severely impacted his ability to connect with his wife and young daughter, as he struggles with feelings of unworthiness and an inability to protect his loved ones from the dangers of the world.

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Physically, Tetsuo is described as nondescript, with a slightly chubby build and thinning hair. He typically wears simple, practical clothing and seems to have little interest in fashion or grooming.


Despite his inner struggles, Tetsuo is a fiercely loyal and protective individual who will go to great lengths to protect his loved ones. As he begins to confront his demons and take control of his life, Tetsuo develops a newfound confidence and strength of character, becoming a true hero in his own right.


Tetsuo Tosu is the main character of the manga series “My Home Hero” created by Naoki Yamakawa and Amamiya. He is the husband of Kasen Tosu and the father of Reika Tosu.

Tetsuo Tosu – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Tetsuo Tosu from “My Home Hero”:

Who is Tetsuo Tosu?

Tetsuo Tosu is the main character of the manga series “My Home Hero”. He is a mild-mannered salaryman who finds himself in a dangerous situation when his teenage daughter is kidnapped. Despite his ordinary appearance, Tetsuo possesses extraordinary fighting skills and a relentless determination to rescue his daughter at all costs.

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What is Tetsuo’s background?

Tetsuo is revealed to have a mysterious past as a former special forces operative. He had retired from that life of violence and was living a quiet, suburban existence before the events of the story. His specialized training and skills from his former career come into play as he navigates the criminal underworld to save his daughter.

How does Tetsuo’s personality change over the course of the story?

Throughout the manga, Tetsuo is forced to shed his meek, ordinary persona and embrace his ruthless, violent alter ego in order to save his daughter. He becomes increasingly hardened and single-minded in his pursuit of her captors, willing to do whatever it takes – even committing acts of shocking brutality – to achieve his goal. But he is still driven by his love for his family, and it is this humanity that keeps him from succumbing completely to darkness.

What are Tetsuo’s special fighting skills?

Tetsuo demonstrates extremely advanced combat skills, including expert marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat expertise, and the ability to strategize and outmaneuver his opponents. He is able to quickly assess and adapt to any situation, using his environment and resources to his advantage. Tetsuo’s physical strength, speed, and resilience also make him a formidable opponent.

How will Tetsuo’s relationship with his daughter develop?

At the beginning of the story, Tetsuo has a somewhat distant relationship with his teenage daughter, Aya. However, as he fights to save her, we see the depth of his love and protectiveness towards her. Aya is initially horrified by the violent lengths Tetsuo will go to, but she eventually comes to understand and appreciate the full extent of her father’s devotion. Their bond is tested, but ultimately strengthened by their harrowing ordeal.

What is Tetsuo’s ultimate goal?

Tetsuo’s only driving motivation is to rescue his kidnapped daughter and bring her home safely. He is willing to use any means, no matter how morally questionable, to achieve this goal. In addition, Tetsuo seeks to uncover the truth behind his daughter’s abduction and the shadowy criminal forces behind it in order to ensure the future safety of his daughter and his family.