Japanese Name オーゼン
Romaji Name Ouzen
Nicknames The Immovable Lord
Series Made in Abyss
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height Over 2 meters
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Ouzen, also known as “The Immovable Lord”, is a character from the anime and manga series “Made in Abyss”. She has a complex and enigmatic personality, which adds to her mysterious aura. Ouzen is known for her absolute control over her facial expressions, making it difficult to discern her true emotions or intentions. She rarely explains herself and often keeps her motivations hidden, leaving others to speculate about her true nature.


Ouzen holds the prestigious rank of White Whistle, signifying her status as an elite cave raider in the Abyss. She resides in the Seeker Camp, an observation base on the second level of the Abyss. Ouzen was not only a mentor to the main protagonist, Riko, but also a close friend to her mother, Lyza. With years of experience and knowledge of the Abyss, Ouzen has become a seasoned explorer and a respected figure within the Abyss community.


Ouzen’s appearance is striking and unique. Despite her youthful appearance, she attained the rank of White Whistle over 50 years ago. She stands an impressive six feet tall and has a slender build. A notable feature is her peculiar monochromatic hairstyle, which hides deformities caused by prolonged exposure to the Curse of the Abyss. This distinctive hairstyle adds to her overall mysterious and intimidating presence.


Ouzen is known as an unparalleled fighter with incredible combat skills. Her strength, speed, and longevity are enhanced by her unique relic known as the Thousand Needles. This relic grants her superhuman abilities, allowing her to overcome the challenges and dangers of the Abyss. Ouzen’s combat prowess makes her a formidable opponent and a valuable asset in cave exploration missions.


While the exact details of Ouzen’s origin remain unknown, she has become an integral part of the Abyss and its exploration. Her extensive experience and knowledge of the Abyss make her an invaluable source of information for aspiring cave raiders. Ouzen’s deep connection to Riko’s family and her role as a mentor underscore her importance in the story. Though her origins are shrouded in mystery, Ouzen’s presence and influence on the story are undeniable.

Ouzen – FAQ

What is Ouzen in “Made in Abyss”?

Ouzen, also known as the “Immovable Sovereign”, is a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Made in Abyss”. She is a White Whistle Delver, the highest rank among Abyss explorers, and is known for her exceptional knowledge and experience in navigating the treacherous depths of the Abyss.

What are Ouzen’s skills and abilities?

Ouzen possesses a wide range of skills and abilities that make her a formidable figure in the Abyss. She is a master of combat, excelling in both melee and ranged attacks with her trusty weapon, the Sparagmos. In addition, Ouzen has extensive knowledge of the Abyss, including its flora, fauna, and the dangers that lurk within its various layers.

What is Ouzen’s role in Made in Abyss?

In “Made in Abyss”, Ouzen serves as a mentor and guide to the main protagonists, Riko and Reg, as they journey deeper into the Abyss in search of Riko’s mother. Ouzen plays a crucial role in providing the young explorers with valuable information, training, and protection as they navigate the challenges and mysteries of the Abyss.

What is Ouzen’s personality like?

Ouzen is often portrayed as a mysterious and enigmatic character. She has a calm and collected demeanor, but also possesses a stern and no-nonsense attitude. Ouzen is known for her strict approach to training and her unwavering commitment to the rules and dangers of the Abyss. Despite her somewhat intimidating presence, she genuinely cares for the welfare of Riko and Reg and acts as a protective figure for them.

What does Ouzen’s status as a White Whistle mean?

White Whistle status is the highest rank among Abyss Delvers and is only granted to those who have reached the deepest parts of the Abyss and returned alive. Ouzen’s White Whistle status signifies her exceptional skills, knowledge, and accomplishments as an Abyss explorer. It also grants her certain privileges and access to restricted areas within the Abyss.

How does Ouzen’s past relate to the overall story of Made in Abyss?

Ouzen’s past is shrouded in mystery, and the details of her backstory are gradually revealed throughout the series. Her history and connection to the Abyss play a crucial role in the overarching narrative of Made in Abyss. Exploring her past helps shed light on the origins of the Abyss, its mysteries, and the motivations of various characters throughout the story.