Yurie Hitotsubashi

Original Name (Japanese): 一橋 ゆりえ
Romaji Name: Hitotsubashi Yurie
Nicknames: None
Series: Kamichu!
Age: 14-15
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Yurie Hitotsubashi is the protagonist of the anime series “Kamichu! She is described as remarkably naive and simple-minded, but always with the best of intentions. Despite becoming a goddess overnight, she remains humble and unaware of the implications of her newfound divine powers. Yurie has a crush on her classmate Kenji Ninomiya, but is too shy to express her feelings openly.


The series does not provide a clear explanation of how Yurie became a goddess overnight. This sudden transformation is the central premise that drives the plot of “Kamichu!”. As a young high school student, Yurie navigates her daily life while coming to terms with her unexpected divine status.

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Yurie has long brown hair and is often depicted in her school uniform. Her design is typical of a young anime protagonist, with a youthful and innocent appearance.


As a goddess, Yurie possesses various supernatural powers, although the extent of her abilities is not fully explored in the series. She is shown to have the power to grant wishes and influence the natural world around her, though she is not always in full control of these divine powers.


Yurie Hitotsubashi is the main character of the anime series “Kamichu!”, which is heavily influenced by Shinto mythology and folklore. The series follows her journey as she adjusts to her newfound role as a teenage goddess and the impact it has on her everyday life.

Yurie Hitotsubashi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Yurie Hitotsubashi from the anime “Kamichu!

What is Yurie Hitotsubashi’s background?

Yurie Hitotsubashi is a middle school student living in the small town of Onomichi, Japan. She is an ordinary girl who one day unexpectedly becomes a god (or “kami”). Despite her newfound divine powers, Yurie maintains her kind, gentle, and humble personality throughout the series.

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What are Yurie’s divine powers?

As a kami, Yurie has the ability to perform various supernatural feats. These include communicating with animals, controlling the weather, and even resurrecting the dead. However, Yurie often struggles to fully control her powers, leading to hilarious and sometimes chaotic situations.

How does Yurie’s family react to her becoming a Kami?

Yurie’s family, including her mother, father, and younger sister, are initially surprised and unsure of how to react to Yurie’s sudden divine status. Over time, they become more accepting and supportive, though they still find Yurie’s powers and the responsibilities that come with them to be overwhelming at times.

What is Yurie’s relationship with her classmates?

Yurie’s classmates are initially suspicious of her newfound divine powers, but eventually come to accept and support her. Yurie’s best friend, Mitsue, is especially close to her and often helps Yurie deal with the challenges of being a kami.

How does Yurie’s role as a Kami affect her everyday life?

Yurie’s duties as a kami often interfere with her normal middle school life, leading to various complications and humorous situations. She must balance her responsibilities as a deity with her desire to live a normal teenage life, which can be a constant source of struggle and growth for her character.

What is Yurie’s relationship to the other kami in the series?

Yurie interacts with a variety of other kami throughout the series, some of whom are friendly and supportive, while others are more distant or even antagonistic. These relationships with other deities help Yurie better understand her own divine nature and the responsibilities that come with it.