Kurisu Makise

Attribute Details
Original (Japanese) Name 牧瀬 紅莉栖
Romaji Name Makise Kurisu
Series Steins;Gate
Age Varies based on different worldlines
Weight Approximately 45 kg
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth July 25th, 1992
Blood Type AB

Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise is a prominent character in the Steins;Gate anime and visual novel series. She is portrayed as a highly intelligent and independent young woman with a complex personality. At first, Kurisu is known for her stern expression and her strong desire to hide any weaknesses. However, beneath her composed exterior lies a curious and inquisitive nature. She possesses a keen intellect and is always eager to delve into scientific and experimental subjects. Despite her serious demeanor, Kurisu occasionally displays a tsundere personality, alternating between moments of toughness and vulnerability.


Kurisu Makise’s background is deeply intertwined with her involvement in scientific research. As a member of the Brain Research Program at Victor Qondria University, she gained recognition for her exceptional academic achievements, particularly in the field of neuroscience. Kurisu’s brilliance and talent in writing dissertations attracted attention not only in her native America, but also internationally. Due to her exceptional academic abilities, she was able to skip a grade in the American education system, which led to a certain amount of envy among her peers. This experience has shaped her into a strong-willed individual who is determined to project an image of strength to others.

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Kurisu Makise is depicted as a slender young woman with auburn hair that falls to her waist. Her eyes are a dull violet color, adding to her distinctive appearance. She prefers to keep her hair loose, and its ginger tones give her a unique and captivating look. As for her physical attributes, Kurisu is 160 cm tall and weighs approximately 45 kg.


Kurisu Makise possesses an exceptional intellect and is considered a prodigious scientist. Her expertise lies in the field of neuroscience, with a particular focus on brain research. Her contributions to the scientific community, including her involvement in the development of SERN’s time machine, have earned her the title of “Mother of the Time Machine”. Kurisu’s analytical skills and logical thinking allow her to approach problems and experiments with precision and efficiency.


Kurisu Makise first appears in the original Steins;Gate visual novel and later becomes a central character in the anime adaptation. She plays a pivotal role in the story, working alongside the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe, in their efforts to unravel the mysteries of time travel. Kurisu’s involvement with SERN and her subsequent fate in different worldlines contribute to the complex and engaging narrative of “Steins;Gate”.
Overall, Kurisu Makise stands out as a multi-faceted character in the “Steins;Gate” series, combining intelligence, determination, and a touch of vulnerability. Her contributions to the field of neuroscience and her integral role in the story make her a beloved and memorable character among fans of the franchise.

Kurisu Makise – FAQ

Who is Kurisu Makise in “Steins;Gate”?

Kurisu Makise is one of the main characters in the visual novel and anime series “Steins;Gate”. She is a brilliant neuroscience researcher and scientist who is involved in the time travel experiments of the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe.

What is Kurisu Makise’s role in the story?

Kurisu Makise plays a pivotal role in the story of Steins;Gate. She becomes a key member of the Future Gadget Laboratory, contributing her scientific expertise to their time travel experiments. Her intelligence and analytical skills make her an invaluable asset in unraveling the mysteries surrounding time travel and its consequences.

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How will Kurisu Makise’s relationship with Rintarou Okabe develop?

Kurisu Makise’s relationship with Rintarou Okabe begins as one of conflict and intellectual rivalry. However, as they spend more time together and face the dangers and challenges of time travel, they develop a deep bond and romantic feelings for each other. Their relationship goes through various ups and downs throughout the series, but ultimately becomes one of the central emotional arcs of the story.

What are Kurisu Makise’s remarkable personality traits?

Kurisu Makise is known for her extraordinary intelligence and logical thinking. She is often seen as cold and distant due to her analytical nature, but she also has a vulnerable and caring side. Fiercely independent and determined, Kurisu displays a strong will to pursue her scientific research and contribute to a better understanding of time travel.

What are some significant moments involving Kurisu Makise in “Steins;Gate”?

A significant moment involving Kurisu Makise is when she first meets Rintarou Okabe and becomes involved in the time travel experiments. Another pivotal moment is when Kurisu’s own past is revealed, adding complexity to her character and deepening the emotional stakes of the story. In addition, her sacrificial actions towards the end of the series play a pivotal role in the resolution of the plot.

How does Kurisu Makise contribute to the overall themes of Steins;Gate?

Kurisu Makise’s character helps explore themes such as the ethics of scientific research, the consequences of tampering with time, and the nature of personal identity. Her scientific brilliance and emotional journey highlight the complexities and moral dilemmas associated with time travel, while her relationship with Okabe underscores the importance of human connection and the power of love amidst chaos and uncertainty.

Does Kurisu Makise appear in any other media related to “Steins;Gate”?

Yes, Kurisu Makise appears in various spin-off manga, light novels and video games related to the “Steins;Gate” franchise. She is a popular and beloved character among fans and continues to be featured in various adaptations and media beyond the original visual novel and anime series.